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– We have a cheating debate! (Our favorite kind of debate.) When cooking dal, GC/DC claims:

Curry Powder is cheating, almost like using garlic powder, you should have used combo of spices instead.

But scott retorts:

Curry powder isn’t cheating. It’s a great shortcut and is essentially a blend of spices that go into a basic curry recipe though it has nothing to do with curry leaves. Garlic powder on the other hand doesn’t resemble garlic at all.


– They’re not the only ones picking on gansie’s ingredient choice this week.  Britannia:

Gansie– can we please work on you moving away from Cook’s, it really is a pathetic excuse for Champagne.

Erica stands up in defense:

You use whatever champagne you want, girl!!!…er, sparkling wine product, i mean.

(Photo: Cook’s)

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  • Clay August 20, 2010  

    Have to agree that curry powder works here. For a first attempt it is a great way to try the recipe out but as gansie attempts “to up the flavor”, a homemade curry might be the next step.

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