Chicken in the Raw

OhMyGod – Guess What?!?!


80P and I are going to Japan and South Korea!

We’re doing a week in/around Tokyo and a week in/around Seoul. We’re looking for travel suggestions, especially where to eat. We’re also interested in taking an over-night trip from both cities. I would like to know where I can buy an entire new wardrobe and 80 would like to know where he can drink sake while I clothes shop.

Last night I went to a press dinner at Kushi, a Japanese style sushi, raw bar and grill. The owners there are really nice and knowledgeable about Japan and I tried to learn as much as possible so I don’t look like a total asshole when I’m in Asia. Oh and the food is kick-ass, especially the crispy duck thigh, the heritage breed chicken wing, the miso marinated fish and pretty much any of the sashimi.

Things I’ve Learned Pre-Japan

Patrons are given a warm, damp cloth at the beginning of meal to cleanse their hands and then use as napkin.

Robata is a grill.

Never drink sake with a rice dish. Sake is made from rice so it’d be a double starch. Imagine adding potatoes to pasta. However, sushi is fine to drink with sake, the rule is more geared to a bowl of rice.

Shoji is like vodka. If I remembered that correctly.  An anti-hangover drink combines ukon, a turmeric tea, mixed with shoji.

Chicken is eaten raw in Japan. Chicken can be served sashimi style and eaten with wasbi and soy, like fish.

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  • Brian April 15, 2010  

    “However, sushi is fine to drink with sake…”

  • gansie April 15, 2010  

    guess i have to admit that i drunk blogged last night

  • T Scott April 16, 2010  

    Latest issue of food & wine touts Marunouchi Brick Square — 30 stellar restaurants, shops and bars…

  • harleytexas April 17, 2010  

    I was in Sendai, the largest city in the north and never had raw chicken. Everything was cooked unless you went to a sushi place. Have fun in Japan.

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  • Katie June 15, 2010  

    What are you talking about? Potatoes and pasta are fantastic together; who doesn’t like gnocchi?

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