Battle of Evil Death Match: Michelle Malkin 1, RayRay 0


When Hezbollah Tofu popped up on the scene a few months ago, we quipped that with Anthony Bourdain now occupied, Rachael Ray must be in search of a new nemesis. Well the queen of all B-list media hasn’t disappointed, nailing down a top-notch enemy: none other than right wing blogger Michelle Malkin.

Malkin is upset with RayRay’s latest Dunkin’ Donuts ad, but it’s not because she thinks sugar is making American kids obese (only nannying liberal ninnies would think something like that).

Michelle is upset because Rachael is shilling DD coffee while wearing a black and white paisley scarf that the Malkster points out looks almost like a keffiyah, the headwear previously popularized by such global celebrities as Lawrence of Arabia, Yasser Arafat, and um, Meghan McCain.

The keffiyah’s traditional role is to protect its wearer from the dessert sand and sun, although it has more recently become a symbol of solidarity with the Palestinian people. Oh, also, it’s just a fucking scarf.

As ridiculous as it is to suggest that the ad should be pulled because of RayRay’s neck accessories, it’s worth pointing out that Rachael Ray isn’t even wearing a keffiyah; she’s wearing a designer scarf. But to Malkin and others in search of terrorism at every corner, she might as well have changed her name to Rachael Hussein Bin Laden Ray.

Michelle Malkin demonstrates how much real Americans love donuts

Now we could all laugh this off as hilarious post-post-9-11 hysteria, expect for one rather disturbing fact: Dunkin’ Donuts has bowed to Malkin’s protest and pulled the ad in question!

You. Must. Be. Joking.

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  • maidelitala May 30, 2008  

    Oh GOOD GOD… Olberman did a great rant on this the other day. And, while her scarf might be reminiscent of keffiyah- especially if one is a hyped-up-fear-mongering ricockulous weenie – upon further observation, one will surely notice that IT’S NOT ONE! Side note: I’m not sure I agree with the color coordination, or with wearing a fancy looking scarf with a casual v-neck gray t-shirt….Ray-Ray probably needs a new stylist anyway.

  • JoeHoya May 30, 2008  

    So I’m confused…

    Have the terrorists won in this case, or not?

  • Maidelitala May 30, 2008  

    if a hapless stylist can’t give her famous client a little unnecessary flair without being accused of being unAmerican, then I think yes, the terrorists have most certainly won.

  • Erinn May 30, 2008  

    I’m no fan of RR, at all, but people….PLEASE. When did we all get so much time on our hands. Let’s keep our bagging of RR where it beongs, on her food, not her wardrobe.

  • chefjp June 2, 2008  

    Great post! Say, if I wear a mexican sombrero to our next backyard barbecue, do you think there will loose talk like this?

  • 80 Proof June 2, 2008  

    Depends whether you have a “border” fence around your yard or not.

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