National Gluttony Day: T Minus Twenty


Now that Halloween National Slut Day is over, we can start officially planning for the biggest foodie celebration of the year: National Gluttony Day, a.k.a. Thanksgiving. Some news and views to get the ball rolling:

– The hard-hitting investigators over at Cook’s Illustrated have announced that the best-tasting turkey on the market is (gasp!) frozen. [Epi Log]

– Red Alert! Our global gluttony dominance may be under threat from the rising power of South Africa. A group of Pretoria bakers recently smashed the world record for largest pumpkin pie ever, creating a 1.5-ton monstrosity that bested the record set by Ohioan farmers two years ago. [Slashfood]

– Personally, I’ve always been a believer in the “it doesn’t get any better than stovetop” school of stuffing thought. But if you’re more inclined to drop some fancy, BA has some recipes for prosciuttoing, shrooming, and sageing up your stuffing. [Bon Appetite]

Cartoon: Humor Matters

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  • gansie November 4, 2007  

    my fam is still trying to figure out what we’re doing, but i’ve already started menu planning. we might do an avant garde take on the meal. i’ll be sure to file updates.

  • BS November 5, 2007  

    mmm…avant garde turducken

  • dad gansie November 6, 2007  

    avant garde huh??, let’s talk some more. dad gansie

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