Although slutty costumes are currently on the rise for the tween trick-or-treaters, us mature Hween celebrants have chosen to showcase our love for ghosts and pumpkins through food inspired get-ups.


salt girl 1 saltgrrrl

Morgasm, SAG‘s girlfriend, selected a totally kosher take on dressing up – the Morton’s Salt girl. (Please excuse SAG’s Elton John get-up)


hdiddybird 1 hdiddybird 2

hdiddybird 3

h diddy found her natural calling – as a pizza eating cock.


(more photos ahead!)

gyrogirl 1 gyrogirl 2

pinch of minch translated her love of Greek food into a full fledged costume – the Gyro Girl



Liza‘s darling cat, Bianca, also joined the festivities – as a delicious Double Stuffed Oreo.


supermarket sweep

And, yes, that’s ES’ very own 80 Proof and me! We’re “Cindy” and “Bob” from the famed television game showSupermarket Sweep. Oh, not to brag or anything, but we also won the coveted Best Costume award at the 5th Annual Monroe Halloween Party. Thanks, Judges.

Happy Halloween from endless simmer!


All of our Halloween costumes, cocktails and recipes — in Endless Halloween

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  • BS October 31, 2007  

    gotta love em all…you guys like so much like the real supermarket sweep people

  • Very Very Good Girl November 1, 2007  

    I love it. you do look like the real deal, and in the picture you even captured the manic look of all supermarket sweep contestants. Great job getting into character!

  • h diddy November 5, 2007  

    double stuffed? more like quadruple. although i have no problems with fat cats. or fat animals in general. i mean with cats, the fatter they are the harder it is to hide, am i right?

  • BS November 5, 2007  

    I am fairly certain this particular cat has never been lost in a nook or cranny.

  • 80 Proof November 5, 2007  

    In fact, I would venture to say that other things have gotten lost in the nooks and crannies of this cat.

  • BIANCA THE CAT November 8, 2007  

    how dare you!

  • 80 Proof November 8, 2007  

    Isn’t it time for your 5th nap of the day?

  • amber October 5, 2011  

    how did u make that cat outfit becuz i have a kitten named oreo n i wated to dress him up as oe for holloween

  • Liza October 5, 2011  

    Hi Amber! You MUST have your kitty Oreo wear this costume! How I made it was I cut out two circles out of a thick cardboard box, and then cut out two strips from the cardboard box and glued them to top of the innersides to make the circles “hang” on her body (does that make sense?)
    Please Please PLEASE send a pick of Oreo!

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