Hott Links: Happy Blog Day

Blog Day 2007

Okay, so according to um, well, I’m just not sure, today is official BLOG DAY!

In the spirit of sharing, caring and all that other crap, here are some blogs to check out:

Because being dramatic is a god-given right [The Food Ass – Stop Eating Crap]

Because they tricked me [Dirty Avocados]

Because comparing smoked salmon to bacon justifies my relationship [Gezelling-Girl]

Because I don’t need the door opened for me [Feministing]

Because we should remember [Appetites]

Photo: Blog Day

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  • BS September 1, 2007  

    I like that the creators of blog day can’t even draw a proper b in their logo….sorry to be snarky, but you know, it’s blog day

  • BS September 1, 2007  

    oh is that supposed to be a 3? nevermind. well done, blog day

  • JoeHoya September 4, 2007  

    Oh…I get it. Blog=3108=31.08


    Does this mean we get TWO Blog Days next year? Depending on how you write your dates, either March 1st or January 3rd will be 3.1.08.

  • BS September 4, 2007  

    wow. blog day is way more complicated than I realized. I think we are in the wrong industry, gansie.

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