Hott Links: Weird With a Beard

Editors Note: h diddy is world renown for finding the most effed-up shit on the internet, so after what seemed like an endless recruitment battle, we bring her expertise to ES. Oh, and she’s El’s roommate. Welcome to h diddy world.

Hi All- after being kidnapped this weekend and tortured (by eating delicious pancakes, steak, pasta salad and hamburgers, washed down with copious amounts of beer) until I agreed to FINALLY do a blog post, I gave in and here it is. Just remember my name is h diddy, I play bocce and can freestyle like it’s a job that I’m not very good at.

One of my co-workers has a bag of these hanging in her cube: I guess you know you’ve really made it in the hip hop world when you finally get your own line of chips.

Not that it is really food related, other than having food get stuck in it. (And its SUPER weird, which is awesome!)
[Beard Team USA]

Ever been to Estonia? This guy has– and found out that their food is weird as crap. But I eat it every year at Christmas anyways- just not the meat jello.
[The Paupered Chef]

Recipes with a side of cat lady. (Not that there’s anything wrong with cat ladies- we all know I’m well on my way)


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  • BS September 4, 2007  

    wait, where’s the pickling in this post? I was so excited to see the pickling category tagged

  • h diddy September 4, 2007  

    oops. well, i was thinking that the pigs feet were pickled before they were incorporated in the meat jello- turns out they’re just boiled. guess im not as familiar with meat jello as i thought. which is maybe a good thing…

  • BS September 4, 2007  

    mmm…pickled pigs feet

  • gansie September 4, 2007  

    i’m still unsure if i’d like anything pickled besides, well, pickles.

    i deleted the false tag.

  • h diddy September 4, 2007  

    and beets! pickled beets are awesome? am i the only one? *crickets*

  • gansie September 4, 2007  

    fine, maybe pickled ginger.

  • BS September 4, 2007  

    damnit! I was so excited to get a second post about pickles – thus legitimizing the category – I’ll get you yet gansie

  • BS September 4, 2007  

    pickled peppers, obv.

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