Plate It or Hate It

Recent food world discoveries the ES crew is loving and hating…

Plate It: Watermelon Sexual

An awesome new tumblr dedicated solely to luscious images of WILFs. Drool.

Hate It: Health Departments Shutting Down Small Food Producers

We’re all for food safety, but sometimes it crosses the line into ridiculous. The latest: the State of Illinois is shutting down local, artisan ice cream makers for such terrible offenses as using fresh fruit instead of fruit syrup and fresh cream instead of pre-packaged soft serve mix. Way to look out for our health, guys. (Via: Kitchen Lore Photo: Chicago Tribune)


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Attack of the Meme: Texts from Last Night Intersected with LOST

I may have found the memes to end all memes. The brilliant Tumblr, Text From The Fuselage, intersects the hilarious Texts from Last Night, a submission-based site featuring ridiculous text messages (about things like deep frying Cheese-Its and Vicodin) and highly passionate photos from LOST. Now while I’m still angry about the last season of LOST, I have to say, I don’t mind seeing pictures of a scruffy Jack, lusty Sawyer and wild-eyed Sayid.

Top 10 Food Texts Intersected with LOST

10. Beards

(Photo: Text From The Fuselage)

9. Distribution

(Photo: Text From The Fuselage)

8. Fridge

(Photo: Text From The Fuselage)

7. Questions

(Photo: Text From The Fuselage)

6. Coffee

(Photo: Text From The Fuselage)

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Attack of the Meme: Keep Calm and Eat

During World War II the Brits came up with the slogan “Keep Calm and Carry On” to “raise the morale of the British public in the event of invasion,” according to Wikipedia. The propaganda posters never ended up being used, but have since spawned plenty of imitations: from the sweet to the naughty.

Of course, there’s been many “keep calm” posters created to show a love of food and booze. Because, who are we kidding, it’s super hard to keep calm when thinking about eating and drinking.

Top 10 Keep Calm and Eat Posters

10. A Much Overlooked Fruit Should Do the Trick.

(Photo: Sambulance)

9. Duh.

(Photo: It’s All About the Bacon)

8. An Almost-Trendy French Dessert Would Work.

(Photo: Juggernaut)

7. Can’t Keep Calm. Need To Scream.

(Photo: Whatever You Are, Be A Good One…)

6. Best Name of a Food. Ever.

(Photo: Agent M Loves Tacos)

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Best New Food Blogger: Max’s Snackses

You knew it would come to this. Everyone and their mother already has a food blog, or posts photos of their meals to facebook and twitpic, so why not everyone and their little dog, too? Max’s Snackses is the daily food blog of Max, a golden-brown chow chow who we’re pretty sure must live in Brooklyn. He mostly eats kibble, and photographs every meal.

For more updates on Max’s daily dietary intake, visit Max’s Snackses on tumblr.

Attack of the Meme: Hipster Ariel on Food and Drink

Fuck being a doctor, president or a flying My Little Pony. All I wanted to be when I grew up was Ariel, the mermaid. Turns out, it would have been a rad choice – Ariel is now a Chuck hi-top wearing, PBR drinking, music snob hipster. And being a hipster, she clearly owns some outlandish ideas on culinary appropriateness. Here”s the best of Hipster Ariel, from casino Fuck Yeah Hipster Ariel, on food and drink.

5. Not Something to Brag About

(Photo: teenage lobotomy)

4. Utensils Are Too Conventional

(Photo: Fuck Yeah Hipster Ariel)

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Attack of the Meme: The 15 Best Food Charts

According to well, me, and this article, tumblr is the new twitter. And I can’t get enough of I Love Charts for their hysterical, progressive and, of course, food-focused content. Here’s the best 15 food charts from the past few weeks. Yes, weeks, they post that much.

15. Dirt Gets Such a Bad Rap

(Photo: Fake Science)

14. Top Left, Please

(Photo: Bad Postcards)

13. Truth

(Photo: Extremely Moderate)

12. Everything is Better in Japanese

(Photo: Interior Design Room)

11. #5

(Photo: Sound of Science)

10. Where’s Coddled?

(Photo: Flowing Data)

9. Apparently “The Jitters” is a Technical Term

(Photo: Unclear)

8. Chanukah Wish List

(Photo: Zouch)

7. What Is a Cheeseburger, Alex?

(Photo: Zouch)

6. Team Sriracha

(Photo: The Sriracha Cookbook Blog)

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