Attack of the Meme: The 15 Best Food Charts

According to well, me, and this article, tumblr is the new twitter. And I can’t get enough of I Love Charts for their hysterical, progressive and, of course, food-focused content. Here’s the best 15 food charts from the past few weeks. Yes, weeks, they post that much.

15. Dirt Gets Such a Bad Rap

(Photo: Fake Science)

14. Top Left, Please

(Photo: Bad Postcards)

13. Truth

(Photo: Extremely Moderate)

12. Everything is Better in Japanese

(Photo: Interior Design Room)

11. #5

(Photo: Sound of Science)

10. Where’s Coddled?

(Photo: Flowing Data)

9. Apparently “The Jitters” is a Technical Term

(Photo: Unclear)

8. Chanukah Wish List

(Photo: Zouch)

7. What Is a Cheeseburger, Alex?

(Photo: Zouch)

6. Team Sriracha

(Photo: The Sriracha Cookbook Blog)

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  • Borracho March 9, 2011  

    One of my favorite homages to Sriracha:

  • erica March 9, 2011  

    awesome! i had wasabi two days ago that swear to GOD shot up my sinuses and out my ear drums. i then understood all those cartoons.

  • gansie March 9, 2011  

    @Borracho – people fucking love that sauce. its pretty crazy.

    @erica – isnt weird that wasabi heat is totally different than any other kind of heat? what is with that?

  • erica March 10, 2011  

    @gansie – it is! it makes me prefer wasabi to pepper-based heat, ’cause it doesn’t burn my lips and make me run for water. the shockwave hits, i yelp, sit out the wave, eyes water, nose runs, and then BOOM it’s all over and i feel slightly cleansed. <3 i need to think of more things to add it to besides just mashed potatos.

  • Hao March 10, 2011  

    its not everything is better in japanese , it is everything is better in chinese !

  • not my name March 10, 2011  

    Really great collection. I liked it except for the bit on the cage-free/organic egg thing. Organic farms don’t necessarily treat their hens any better, and the certification “cage-free” is really misleading. The hens can still be in awful conditions (cramped, gravel yard with no grass, beaks clipped when chicks, males killed at birth, etc.) Just thought you’d like to know.

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