Foodie Art We Can Support: Delicious City Prints

By this point, it seems like there is a Kickstarter for everything. This means we can decide to help fund great ideas and important causes, but it also means people can beg for money to fund a lot of dumb crap. Anyway, luckily this Kickstarter-based idea falls into the former category:

Welcome to my new favorite culinary art, Delicious City Prints by Philly-based artist Roni Lagin. Thanks to gaining attention on the internet, his Kickstarter for this project has already been successfully funded, meaning soon these prints will be available to order. (But hey, if you have extra money to throw around, feel free to send some his way and support a cool artist. Plus, you get the prints!) Add this to your fall/winter redecorating wish list, these prints are the perfect thing to hang in your kitchen!

7 Food and Drink Kickstarters You Never Knew You Needed But Definitely Do

Crowdfunding phenom Kickstarter has helped indie projects raise more than $50 million, launching everything from debut albums and documentaries to pop-up cupcake shops and European vacations. They have also brought the world 7 amazing foodie inventions we never knew we needed but definitely do.

7. Microwave Popcorn That’s Not Gross

When you think about it, microwave popcorn is really a quite ingenious invention. But why does it have to taste like licking the top of a paint can? The Quinn Popcorn Kickstarter came up with a way to make micro popcorn that strips it of all that chemical crap and covers it in natural flavors like parmesan-rosemary and lemon-sea salt.
Result: Success! $27,880 raised. Au natural popcorn to hit shelves soon.

6. Edible Jello Cups

Death to plastic cups at keg parties. One day, every disposable cup will be an edible, disposable vehicle made out of Jello.
Result: Raised $10,429; Edible cup molds currently in testing stage.

5. Pedal-Operated Butter Churner

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sitting in the kitchen, struggling with my appliances and wondering, why isn’t there one simple machine that allows you to pedal a bike that powers a toaster AND churns butter to put on the toast?
Result: Success! $1,505 raised. Butter bike officially invented.

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