7 Food and Drink Kickstarters You Never Knew You Needed But Definitely Do

Crowdfunding phenom Kickstarter has helped indie projects raise more than $50 million, launching everything from debut albums and documentaries to pop-up cupcake shops and European vacations. They have also brought the world 7 amazing foodie inventions we never knew we needed but definitely do.

7. Microwave Popcorn That’s Not Gross

When you think about it, microwave popcorn is really a quite ingenious invention. But why does it have to taste like licking the top of a paint can? The Quinn Popcorn Kickstarter came up with a way to make micro popcorn that strips it of all that chemical crap and covers it in natural flavors like parmesan-rosemary and lemon-sea salt.
Result: Success! $27,880 raised. Au natural popcorn to hit shelves soon.

6. Edible Jello Cups

Death to plastic cups at keg parties. One day, every disposable cup will be an edible, disposable vehicle made out of Jello.
Result: Raised $10,429; Edible cup molds currently in testing stage.

5. Pedal-Operated Butter Churner

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sitting in the kitchen, struggling with my appliances and wondering, why isn’t there one simple machine that allows you to pedal a bike that powers a toaster AND churns butter to put on the toast?
Result: Success! $1,505 raised. Butter bike officially invented.

4. Hot Sauce Toothpicks

Serious heat lovers are constantly disappointed in restaurants that don’t offer a decent hot sauce. The solution? Carry a package of KixTix with you wherever you go, and simply dip this high-quality habanero stick into your food.
Result: Success. $700 raised.

3. Camel Cheese

Does the world need a feature film about the world of cheeses made from camel milk? Kickstarter says yes. Yes, please.
Result: Success! $8,312 raised. Camel milk movie currently filming in 20 countries.

2. Windowfarms

Farmers markets are the new big box stores. You’re not really organo-local anymore unless you’ve got a full farm inside your apartment. The Windowfarms project gives people the tools to grow up to 25 soil-free vegetables in any urban environment.
Result: Success! $28,205 raised. Buy or build your own Windowfarm here.

1. Coffee Joulies

Magical metal orbs that keep your coffee at the perfect temperature forever by absorbing extra thermal energy in your coffee when it’s served too hot, cooling it down to a drinkable temperature three times faster than normal. Next, they release that stored energy back into your coffee, keeping it in the right temperature range twice as long.
Result: Raised $306,944! Magical coffee beans to hit the market soon.

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  • Russell Warnick October 4, 2011  

    Magical coffee beans, in the spirit of the moment I think the Nobel committee have a new contender. Amazing.

  • Nate October 4, 2011  

    Awesome idea for an article!

  • erica October 4, 2011  

    the bike butter churner/toaster sounds perfect for those urban dwellers who need to conserve space. now they can throw out that old butter churn, toaster, and exercise bike that were hogging so much space.

    thank. god.

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