Waffling Gone Wild! Top 10 Craziest Waffle Iron Recipes

Don’t worry – this is not another post all about breakfast. One thing that was on the top of my list when my wife and I registered for our wedding was a waffle iron. Not only do I enjoy a good Belgian waffle, but I can also appreciate the versatility of a waffle iron. Use it to cook paninis, grilled cheese, and much more! Check out our top ten sweet and savory ways to use a waffle iron.


10. Quesadillas

What can a quesadilla maker do other than make quesadillas? Not as much as a waffle iron. Check out this ooey, gooey buffalo chicken quesadilla recipe from Pure Wow.


chicken panini_healthy-delicious

9. Italian Chicken Panini

This looks a cut above your average panini. Now I want to give a go at it myself!

Check out this recipe from Healthy Delicious.

Turtle Cookies! Easy cookies made in the waffle iron!

8. Cookies!

This and a glass of ice cold milk? I’m set!

Check out this recipe from Busy Creating Memories


7. Mac and Cheese

Will it Waffle? is a website completely dedicated to waffle iron recipes. This particular one just makes me cheese. Check them out!

Check out the recipe from Will it Waffle? or check out the book here.


6. Hot Dogs

I kept seeing corn dogs that were made in a customized hot dog waffle iron. Why bother when you can just do this?

Find this recipe at Pennywise Cook.


5. Hash Browns

Cheese, potatoes, and a crispy outside with soft ooey inside. All of Waffle House, now in one waffle. YUM.

Find this recipe at My Favorite Things.


4. Mixto

One of our own recipes is a remix on a mixto sandwich. Everything you could want in a sandwich without the panini press!

good night waffles


Not gonna lie, I may try this ES recipe out for myself on the next Sunday morning we are home.

download (1)

2. S’Mores

Nothing to say here.

Check out this recipe at Will it Waffle?

cinnamon roll waffles main BLOG

1. Cinnamon Rolls

Try this out with pre-made cinnamon rolls, OR try it out with our recipe for homemade cinnamon rolls!!

Check out this recipe at Shaken Together.

Salsa Verde and Tubular Meat


I never say no to tubular meat. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve wasted on overpriced dogs at Phillies games and at concerts when I in no way need a hot dog. Last summer I found myself with an entire freezer full of Ballparks after a sale at Wegmans. It’s become a running joke among my friends that I am a hot dog hoarder (make fun all you want, I ALWAYS have hot dogs). And two weeks ago on a trip to Chicago I FINALLY visited the infamous Hot Doug’s, which remains one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten in Chicago (it was the only meat I had covered in slices of brie, and…..there were cheese fries).

Anyway. To kick off the release of the new book Haute Dogs, a bunch of other bloggers and I were asked to each make a component of the Ecuadorian Street Dog — and I volunteered to do the Salsa Verde. In my opinion, any salsa made with tomatillos is just superior. The flavor, the texture…I could drink this stuff like soup. I don’t, but I could. And sometimes I do throw it in a batch of white chicken chili, because why not? This salsa verde, however, is unique because it contains tomatoes, making it less verde than I prefer, and definitely less picante, but delicious on a piece of meat. It’s better if it makes it on o food, and isn’t just eaten straight from the bowl. Trust me.

 Salsa Verde from Haute Dogs by Russell van Kraayenburg

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Icelandic Hot Dogs

Endless Road Trip Iceland: The Best Hot Dogs in the World?

Icelandic Hot Dogs

When you think of Icelandic food, you probably think of fresh seafood and exotic delicacies. What you might not think about is hot dogs, but you’d be making a grave mistake. In fact, cheap hot dogs are so beloved over there that they’re often called the Icelandic National Food. I recently returned from a trip to this magical country, and while I ate tons of exciting meals (don’t worry, those will be recapped later on), one of my most memorable culinary encounters was a 2:00am street hot dog. I mean, I love unique hot dog experiences, so how I could I resist seeing what all the fuss was about?

After a night of drinking in downtown Reykjavik we ventured out into the night to find Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur, Reykjavik’s most popular hot dog stand. It’s extremely well-known in these parts, named the best hot dog in Europe by the Guardian and a favorite of visiting celebs—most famously, Bill Clinton is a fan.

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Double Your Condiment Opportunity: Spiral Dogs


Are you prepared for Memorial Day? Probably not if you just said “spiral what?” I like my dogs slightly burnt, or as known in the culinary world—caramelized. I like a crispy snap when I bite into the dog. Hot dogs should never be boiled, put on rollers, or microwaved. The only way they should be cooked is on the grill and..spiral cut. You may even be able to call these gourmet at your next barbecue; all of your man friends will really take note of it. But what they WILL take note of  is that every single bite of these wieners is caramelized  crispy, and snappy.

Not enough for you? What if I told you that spiral cutting your frank optimizes condiment opportunity? Yes – opportunity. Sure, mustard is standard, ketchup is great, both are even better. I know you see those chopped onions, chilli, relish, maybe even baked beans—but where is the space? Well, now you have the opportunity to double your condiments—without suffering from soggy bun syndrome.

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Hot Dogs Go Haute

Where else? Porklandia. The city that brought the world the maple-bacon donut returns with its latest feat: a seriously gourmet hot dog trend. Here are five ways Portlandians are eating their wienies right now.

1. The Pretty Dog

Olympic Provisions_Hot Dog

First up, Olympic Provisions takes your basic hot dog structure and makes it, well, beautiful. Their hand-linked Applewood and hickory smoked footlong pork frankfurter comes with artful drizzles of ketchup, dijon, onions, and house-made relish.

2. The Everything Dog

Xico_Sonoran Hot Dog

Fine dining Mexican restaurant Xico offers their own take on an Arizona favorite: the Sonoran hot dog: Grilled Nathan’s All Beef Frank, bacon, salsa verde, eye-of-the-goat beans, cotija, crema, and pico de gallo.

3. The Chili Cheese Dog

Portland Penny Diner _ Stanimal Hot Dog

Portland Penny Diner, the new restaurant from James Beard Award winning chef Vitaly Paley offers up the Stanimal, which saves the exciting stuff for inside the wiener.  A footlong hot dog is packed with oozing cheese and green chile, topped with sauerkraut and grilled onions.

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The Endless Road Trip: Copenhagen, the Prettiest Food in the World

So, I could tell you guys all about my recent trip to Denmark, and all of the ways that Copenhagen totally deserves its status as the darling of the local-foraged-organic food movement. But really, there’s no need to say anything about the food here, because all you have to do is look at it. Seriously—how the hell do they get all of their food to look so goddamn beautiful???


As previously mentioned on ES, these people know how to make a freaking sandwich for serious. These avant garde smørrebrød (how cool are øs?) are from Aamans sandwich shop, which actually just opened a branch in NYC. Left: smoked salmon with flower-pickled carrots(!),smoked cream cheese, shallots and watercress. Right: New potatoes with tarragon emulsion, chives, radish, and crisp potato chip strands.

more sandwiches

They taste even better in the park! Venison pate with juniper and schnapps, plus apple/celery salad and “bacon-nut crunch.” Sirloin with horseradish, remoulade and crispy onions.

hot dog sign

If you thought Danish people aare all fancy foodies, you may be surprised to know they loooooove hot dogs. Artisan, gourmet hot dogs, obviously, with helpful signs that graphically explain that they come served in standard buns, weird fransk buns that have the ketchup or mayo stuffed inside, or on a plate.

hot dog

We went plate. Can’t resist more crispy onions.

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Election Day Special: Who Eats It Better?!

Well, it’s here, the day we’ve been waiting for all year: National Nachos Day. No, I’m just kidding—I’m talking about Election Day, of course! (But seriously, it actually is National Nachos Day as well, so maybe hit up your local Mexican restaurant after visiting the polls today.)

I know a lot of people like to make their decision by examining where the candidates stand on important issues such as the economy, civil rights, coolness factor, and international relations, but for our endorsement, Endless Simmer cuts through the crap to the only thing that matters: who eats it better?!

Round One: Ice Cream

(photo: WYNT)


(photo: Buzzfeed)

Romney goes for a tall cone o’ soft serve, which is one of my favorite treats. (Seriously, every time we drive by a Dairy Queen on a road trip, I scream “DQ!!!” like a rabid six year old.) Obama, on the other hand, goes for a controversial choice: mint chocolate chip eaten with a spoon. I’m not kidding about the controversy; bloggers had a heyday  about Obama’s outrageous rebellion. (“If he wanted to eat with a spoon, he should have ordered ice cream in a cup!”) Well, guess what, haters: I also eat ice cream out of cones with a spoon. Sometimes my teeth are sensitive! I’m glad to see our sweet-toothed POTUS understands my struggles.

Ice Cream Winner: Obama

Round Two: Chicken

(photo: Gigabiting)


(photo: Hard Grubbin)

Well, it’s reassuring to know that both of our options aren’t afraid to grub down on some bird. Romney seems a bit… uh… glazed over during the whole thing, while Obama aggressively tears into his wing. What does this mean? It probably means nothing. Both of these political bros are just chowing down on some chicken, and while Romney looks perilously close to the mortal sin of sticking his fork into that drumstick, he doesn’t actually do it.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner: Neither. Tie.

Round Three: Hot Dogs

(photo: DailyAdvance)

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