Hot Dogs Go Haute

Where else? Porklandia. The city that brought the world the maple-bacon donut returns with its latest feat: a seriously gourmet hot dog trend. Here are five ways Portlandians are eating their wienies right now.

1. The Pretty Dog

Olympic Provisions_Hot Dog

First up, Olympic Provisions takes your basic hot dog structure and makes it, well, beautiful. Their hand-linked Applewood and hickory smoked footlong pork frankfurter comes with artful drizzles of ketchup, dijon, onions, and house-made relish.

2. The Everything Dog

Xico_Sonoran Hot Dog

Fine dining Mexican restaurant Xico offers their own take on an Arizona favorite: the Sonoran hot dog: Grilled Nathan’s All Beef Frank, bacon, salsa verde, eye-of-the-goat beans, cotija, crema, and pico de gallo.

3. The Chili Cheese Dog

Portland Penny Diner _ Stanimal Hot Dog

Portland Penny Diner, the new restaurant from James Beard Award winning chef Vitaly Paley offers up the Stanimal, which saves the exciting stuff for inside the wiener.  A footlong hot dog is packed with oozing cheese and green chile, topped with sauerkraut and grilled onions.

4. The Reuben Dog

Kenny & Zukes _ Reuben Hot Dog


Kenny and Zuke’s, home of our favorite ever pastrami, adapts our favorite ever sandwich to the HD: reuben dog with pastrami, kraut and Swiss. AND they also serve a breakfast dog with grilled Sabrett, eggs, bacon and cheddar. Amen.

5. The Hamburger Dog

The Bent Brick_ 'Hamburger' Hot Dog

Finally, In The Bent Brick’s recent menu revamp, Chef Scott Dolich introduced several dishes featuring their line of house-made sausages including The Hamburger Dog: ground meat and cheese in a sausage casing topped with hot sauce and relish.

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