Cocktail Trend: Flowers in Our Booze?

We love cooking with booze, eating flowers, and putting booze in our food. So what about flowers in our cocktails?

To celebrate the opening of the Philadelphia Flower Show and the current Van Gogh exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Granite Hill Restaurant is offering a floral-themed Chef’s Table tonight featuring menu items such as quiche lorraine with edible pansies (PANSIES, not panties).

But what really caught my eye is the Van Gogh cocktail. The drink in question is a mixture of Bombay Sapphire gin, crème de Violette, lemon juice and simple syrup, with, yes — a flower floating on top.

Have you ever had flower cocktails, ESers? Yay or nay?

I vote yes, because, for the love of god, IT’S ALCOHOL.

The $100 Martini Gets Recessionized


(Photo: Kellari Taverna, Britannia)

In case you DC folks haven’t heard yet — this town now has its very own $100 martini. You can air a sigh of relief to know you don’t have to travel 300 miles north on the BoltBus to buy one. The shocking part of this story is not necessarily the price, as we all knew it was a matter of time, but that the drink is not served at the minibars, Passengers or POVs of the world but rather Kellari Taverna, an inconspicuous Greek spot on K St. that has certainly made its mark on the DC restaurant scene in its short life.

I’d love to tell you about Kellari’s amazing seafood wall, with foot-long Madagascan Shrimp or the very much alive and kicking crustaceans on the menu, but instead I’m here to tell you about the mix of some fabulous liquors and gold leaf —you read that right, gold, in your drink.

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