Spring Sweet Pea Soup

Soup in Springtime? Believe it, Sweet Pea

Spring Sweet Pea Soup

Sure, as the weather heats up, soup probably isn’t the #1 thing on your mind. But maybe it should be! New Rochelle’s NoMa Social aims to put soup back in the spotlight this season thanks to this decadent sweet pea recipe they shared with us. While sweet peas are well and good, let’s be real: it’s the suggestion of white truffle oil and crab that really caught my eye.

Spring Sweet Pea Soup

from NoMa Social

2 pounds English peas
10 shallots sliced
1 pound butter
3 tbsp tarragon
1.5 qt. chicken stock
Sugar as needed to taste
Salt & Pepper to taste
Crème fraiche
White truffle oil
Optional: fresh crab meat

Melt butter and add shallots, tarragon and sweat no color, until soft. Next add stock and bring to a boil, add peas and cook until just tender, adjust seasonings with sugar, salt and pepper use more or less sugar based on sweetness from peas. Add contents to a blender and puree until smooth, pass through a strainer pressing on solids to push through as much of soup as possible.

Chill soup and garnish with more leaves of tarragon, crème fraiche, and truffle oil to guild the lilly. Another excellent addition would be fresh crab meat.

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