Our Top 10 Favorite Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

Cooking up Mother’s Day brunch this weekend? Check out Endless Simmer’s best bests:

10. Deep Dish Blueberry Maple French Toast

A can’t miss winner from the ES archives.

9. Nutella-Banana Pastry Pockets

This counts as eating fruit, right?

8. Asparagus and Goat Cheese Omelet

Taking the best of spring’s bounty…and submersing it in dairy.

7. Coconut Raspberry Chocolate Muffins

If you say “muffin” instead of “cupcake,” you’re allowed to eat it for breakfast.

6. Apple Walnut French Toast Muffins

Cooking for a crowd? Make these mini- French toasts ahead of time.

5. Cast Iron Eggs and Taters

Because it’s still not spring-y enough yet, here’s one to keep you warm.

4. Perfect Waffles

Plan the night before for the best homemade waffles ever.

3. Waffle Iron Cookies

Wait! Don’t put that waffle iron away just yet.

2. Apple Chutney Pocket Tarts

Finish the meal with a bite of pie that fits in your palm.

1. Prosecco Popsicles

Let’s be honest — what Mom really wants on her special day is to get blasted.

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  • Steve May 13, 2012  

    Just made the Deep Dish Blueberry Maple French Toast for Mothers Day. A+! It was a big hit. Tasted great. Thanks.

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