Some Beers are Worth the Wait

Normally when I’m thinking about booze, filling cups and consuming it as fast as humanly possible seems about right to me.

So when I heard about the Bottoms Up system — a beer dispenser that fills beers up from the BOTTOM, and takes only seconds —  I figured it was worth a shot, if I ever encountered it. No beer line? No wait? Sounds good to me.

As it turns out, at the Phillies game a few weeks ago, the bottoms up Bud Light stand was the closest one to my section. Let it be known I never drink Bud Light by choice, but…sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. So…Bottoms Up: God’s gift to sports fans? Not quite…

$7.75 got me a Bud Light draft that leaked droplets of beer all over my leg each time I tilted the cup to take a sip. When I tried to wipe droplets off the bottom of the cup, I inadvertently touched the mechanism on the bottom of the cup (that’s supposed to be a magnet, or something?) and for a few seconds, beer went spilling all over the ground. Some guy saw it and made fun of me. And you know what I don’t like? Beer that makes people make fun of me.

Give me back my aluminum bottle, please.

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  • BS April 24, 2012  

    ridiculous. I can’t believe how poorly it works. It does look cool filling up though.

  • Josh April 25, 2012  

    The New cups are much better. They have a much stronger seal and the bottom is raised so you can’t accidentally poke it open. There had to be an iphone 1 before there could be an iphone 4S. Live, learn, Improve. I agree with you about the old style cups, they had room for much improvement.

  • reverse BS April 25, 2012  

    hey yeah BS it sure looks like it works poorly. let’s see, fast, efficient, no lines and a perfect pour each time…These look like the old cups which were prone to leak the new design is recessed making it very difficult to hit thus leaking cups are few and far between.

  • ML April 25, 2012  

    When did the new cups come out? I just had this faulty “old” cup three weeks ago!

  • Josh April 25, 2012  

    Early this year. Sometimes it takes a wile because concessionaires want to use all of the leftover inventory from the year before. I have to apologize for your experience, that is not the intent at all…

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