Cocktail O’Clock: Hell Bent for Leather

Before you say anything, yes we do believe that the Monday morning after St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to talk about drinking. Whiskey.

Whether you are looking for some hair of the dog or you just haven’t stopped yet, Hell Bent Leather is a great Jameson cocktail that Michael Neff of Ward 3 in NYC recently cooked up for us.

– Redbreast 12 y.o. whiskey
– Makers Mark whiskey
– Muddled cardamom seed
– Lemon and orange zest
– Sugar cube
– Burnt orange twist

Directions: Mix whiskey, whiskey and cardamom seed together, pour over ice. Add lemon and orange zest. Hold the sugar cube and orange twist just above your drink; light with a match, then drop.

More drink ideas in Endless Cocktails.

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  • erica March 19, 2012  

    it sounds good, but am i the only one that really wouldn’t want to drink anything with “leather” in the name?

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