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iowa state fair-cotton candy girl

With anticipation similar to the release of the Emmy nominees, the Iowa State Fair food list has been released.  The red-headed step child of the food world, the Iowa State Fair offers adventurous food connoisseurs everything from the traditional funnel cake to chicken lips on a stick [insert disgusted sound].

Don’t live in Iowa? You are in luck this year (and every other year as well). Hot mess of sweaty people and grease: here I come. From the heart of the corn belt, the birthplace of a third of all American hogs, and most likely the origin of about half of your McDonald’s value meal, I will be filling my stomach and my camera with greasy goodness for your viewing pleasure. How will I stuff a deep fried ho-ho into my mouth in one bite? I have 33 days left to figure it out. Stay tuned. You are in for a real treat from America’s farm country. The slogan is “Non-Stop Fun”, but they must mean “Non-Stop Stomach Ache.”

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  • Maids July 9, 2010  

    Do chickens have lips?
    I thought they had beaks

  • Nee Nee July 9, 2010  

    If Iowa is the fair for food on a stick, then Texas must be the fair for fried food. My brother-in-law definitely had deep fried butter at the TX state fair last year.

  • forkitude July 10, 2010  

    I am really looking forward to seeing what the hell this chicken lips nonsense is. I think they are the leftovers from Chicken McNugget “meat”. I have also heard of deep fried Coke…WTF. I don’t know how that works, but that is some ingenuity and talent.

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