Top Chef Tonight! The Filthy Five

Tonight it’s down to five on Top Chef as Richard, Antonia, Stefanie, Spike, and everyone’s favorite, Lisa, battle to make it to the finale. (This year’s “finale” apparently has four finalists in it, which means it will probably be about 8 episodes long.)

Don’t forget to tune into for our signature Top Chef chat room live blogging tonight at 10. Check out the preview above, featuring the return of Ms. Gail Simmons.

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  • Britannia May 28, 2008  

    I heart Gail… I’ll be here to share my drunken thoughts, I will try not to be too drunk while live blogging… But no promises. You’ve been warned.

  • BS May 28, 2008  

    much like cursing in the comments, drinking in the live blog is highly encouraged

  • Britannia May 28, 2008  

    You guys- you’re the best. My Mom would hate you… encouraging me to drink and curse.

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