Digging the Challenge

I like this challenge, especially because of the lack of overt commercialism.   TC is getting back to the basics.  Hopefully this can be a theme for the season.  Oh, and I can’t lie – I don’t know how to make 3/4 of these “classics.”  Shit.

Nikki making fresh pasta: I’m impressed.

80 says – the Kiwi will go far.  And no way they’ll get rid of Andrew.

Tony B is BACK! MMMM.

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  • JoeHoya March 13, 2008  

    Any thoughts on Bravo’s slip up regarding the audience poll results?

    “Do Zoi and Jen have an advantage in the show because they’re a couple?

    A. Yes 22%
    B. No 78%

    Which one ‘wins’ (gets circled on screen)? A, of course!

    Guess you CAN lead in the popular vote and still come in second…Obama better hope Bravo’s not tabulating at the Democratic convention.

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