Log Cabin Epicurians

log cabin

Happy President’s Day!

You might be wondering what the above photo has to do with POTUS Day, and if you are, blame it on your nursery school teacher. My mom manages 17 three year olds on a daily basis. And when I say manage I mean she sings with them, ties their shoes, leads circle time, helps them with crafts, feeds them snacks (NO PEANUTS!), and of course, teaches them. AKA – comes home with a headache every day.

Nursery school lessons are boiled down to the basics. (I won’t even get into the way they teach Thanksgiving.) Anyway, here is the tasty treat that the kiddies made to commemorate our very noble, very honest, very judicious country leaders.

And one note, every year dad gansie comes to my mom’s classroom to help out with this messiest and yummiest of crafts. I guess the children think my dad is the original G-Dubs.

Lincoln’s Log Cabin Republicans

Place a shoe box open side down and cover with aluminum foil.

dad gansie and pretzel
(dad gansie and unidentified pre-schooler)

With a plastic knife spread vanilla icing on all sides of a pretzel log. Stick on shoe box.

Bonus points: create windows and doors with broken pieces of pretzel.

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  • dad gansie February 18, 2008  

    it was really fun playing with the kids and watching mom gansie and her cohort playing and loving their 17 kids.
    good blog gansie

  • JoeHoya February 18, 2008  

    This sounds like such a fun project for the kids.

    As an adult who can have as many peanuts as I like, I could see this being very tasty (and slightly healthier) with peanut butter in lieu of the frosting.

  • BS February 18, 2008  

    this is one adult who is seriously wanting frosting-covered pretzels for breakfast right now.

  • gansie February 18, 2008  

    yes, JH. years ago my mom used to have the kids play with peanut butter and pretzels, but now b/c of all the allergies, its frosting. and believe me, the trade is delicious.

  • JoeHoya February 18, 2008  

    Oh, I believe! I could also see this working with melted chocolate, caramel, or any combination of the above.

    Have I mentioned my deep love of Take 5 bars before?

  • BS February 18, 2008  

    a few more points:
    1- dad gansie shows his face! big day for ES
    2- that baby doll looks oddly realistic
    3- why are they called log cabin repubs anyway? I never got that.

  • gansie February 18, 2008  

    from LCR’s site:
    “When President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, he created a new birth of freedom. So it can be again. Nearly 150 years later-the GOP has another chance to choose fairness over discrimination, equality over bigotry, freedom over fear.”

    Or maybe they thought Abe was cute?

  • Britannia February 18, 2008  

    Can I go back to nursery school, I don’t recall doing fun things like that. Come to think of it I don’t recall what I did last night so that doesn’t help.

    Looks great!

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