While every other person riding DC public transportation is reading Express, I use that time to catch up on old WaPo Food sections. As I’m browsing through an October edition, I learn about hottie chef Barton Seaver‘s latest award. At his new place Hook, (which is absolutely fucking a-mazing, and if I wasn’t sloppy from two dirty martinis and half a bottle of wine, I would have been able to provide a formal review) Seaver only serves sustainable seafood. Clearly all the green orgs LOVE him, as demonstrated by The Blue Ocean Institutes’s honoring of Seaver. At the gala, Blue Ocean also introduced their new text messaging program.

Get this. Anyone about to buy or eat a fish, but wants to first make sure it’s from sustainable sources can just text to 30644, type “FISH,” then the name of the species and the service will text back with its eco-friendliness and, if needed, possible substitutions. And you thought text messaging was only for being too lazy to call someone.

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  • JoeHoya December 20, 2007  

    Big fan of Hook – my wife and I went a few months ago and were really impressed with the clean, fresh presentations of the fish. The desserts are great, too, but we felt like there was a disconnect between the lighter tone of the main menu and the dense, pastry-heavy dessert menu. Damn good time all-around, though – and they gave us a little wallet-sized guide to sustainable fish species with the check.

  • Britannia December 20, 2007  

    OMG, I want a puppy. Do we think 30 Minute Abs will let me get a puppy. He’s away for the holiday’s for the next two weeks, I can sneak one in while he’s away. They’re always good for eating left overs.

    Oh, and Hook sounds amazing.

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