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As we celebrate the holiday season, it’s important to remember all of those around us. While we here at endless simmer enjoy waxing poetic about seared duck and debating the merits of matzo meal vs. panko, did you know there are starving children in Africa who don’t even have access to endless simmer???

Well we’re not willing to rest until every man, woman and child knows about ES (and visits once a day) (and clicks on the ads) (and spends a little time browsing through the ads so we get paid). That’s where you come in…friends 🙂

You may have noticed we’ve added a “ShareThis” button to the bottom of every post, which now allows you to easily share your fav ES posts with all your friends and “friends,” via popular social networking and news sites.

Whoa, slow down there, sonnyboy, what’s a social networking site, you say?

Well, one popular site is Facebook, which in addition to being a great way to give all your personal info to advertisers and researchers for free, also allows you to share news clips with everyone you know. Just click on that “ShareThis” button when you read an ES post you love, and click on ‘facebook’ to add the post directly to your FB page, without even leaving ES.

There’s also, which is not only a perfectly-named site for us, but also a neat way to bookmark and organize your fav pages on the Internet. For example, every time you see a recipe on ES that you’d like to cook some day, just submit it to your very own page and tag it ‘recipes.’ Then when you can’t think of anything to cook, you’ll have them all in one tidy place. Now you can throw away that shopping bag full of ES recipe print-outs you’ve been toting around for six months!

Digg is a cool site that ranks news and blog items based on how many people say they like them, taking the power out of the hands of the MSM and giving it back to you…yes, you! Without Digg, we’d never have heard of such critical news stories as the Ron Paul Revolution and Old Man Goes Nuts in Car Wash. And, Digg recently added a groovy new category just for food!

StumbleUpon is another site where you can make friends and tell your new friends about what news and blog posts you like the best. I’m not exactly sure how it works, but when we’re on there, we get thousand of hits! So please use Stumbleupon, yo!

Endless Simmer – now with these and 11 other built-in social networking sites for your linking, bookmarking, and tagging pleasure! If there’s a site you like to use that we don’t have, be sure to let us know. Although if that’s not enough for you, you might want to check if you remember what the outside looks like.

Word up, ShareThis!

Photo: Cut to the Chase.

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  • Tim Schigel December 18, 2007  

    It’s great to see ShareThis on your site! I will definitely share this blog with my friends and family. Happy Holidays!

    Tim, Founder & CEO ShareThis

  • Brian December 18, 2007  

    yes there are starving children in africa. but did you know that people in north korea sometimes eat stones, just to feel something in their stomach. mest.

  • gansie December 19, 2007  

    that old man car video is terrible.

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