Week Two: Endless Wing-Off


So I guess ES and the NFL do have something in common – we don’t condone cheating.
Yes, I’m looking at you – Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots.

I’m also giving the death stare to the Skins, who clearly have perfected witchcraft, because there is no other way they could have cast such a spell on the Eagles.

Well, I guess we’ll always have wings.

Leave your point totals in the comments section.

Photo: The Patriot Ledger

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  • 80 Proof September 19, 2007  

    Sunday/Monday totals:

    12 beers
    5 wings
    1 bowl of “Cincy” Chili
    4 Sliders
    5-6 carrots

    60 points…I’m baaack

  • Pats Fan September 19, 2007  

    All you haters need to step back and enjoy the ride, while the Pats go 16-0. Did anyone notice that somehow we picked up Randy Moss this year? How did that happen? So was enjoying my wings this weekend, I got to see the Pats destroy the Chargers…and I mean destroy. We cheated, we got caught, we were punish. Lets just focus on the future here…good times

  • gansie September 19, 2007  

    I’m pathetic once again:
    6 beers
    3 wings
    15 scoops of chipotle dip with carrots and celery
    1 red pepper flakes pasta dish (details to come)
    = 25 points

  • BS September 19, 2007  

    Yes, Pats fan, but the real question is How many wings did you eat? (no cheating)

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