All Popcorn, All the Time


Previously on ES, we told you how to pop your own corn, you didn’t listen, and we laughed at you when you got weird diseases from licking those microwavable bags clean.

Now, New York Magazine examines the shockingly high number of top-tier chefs who are following our popcorn lead. Of course, these fancy pants chefs jazz up their popping with all kinds of fatty goodness, because obviously, the problem with popcorn is that it’s just too healthy.

At Aquavit, chef Johan Svensson’s secret is to forget the oil, and instead he cooks his popcorn up in rendered duck fat. (Duck fat is so hot right now – cookthink has a good explanation why.)

But the clear winner has to be LES newcomer Spitzer’s Corner, where they wisely follow Endless Simmer Commandment #2 (there’s nothing bacon can’t improve). Their popcorn is cooked up in pork fat, topped with bacon bits, and then…wait for it….topped with more pork fat.

Bravo. Even G-d couldn’t find fault with such an ingenious use of pig.

Photo: 5 cent ride.

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  • JoeHoya September 19, 2007  

    Mmmmm…duck fat. The spiced cashews at the bar of Ray’s the Classics are the only argument you’ll ever need for using it in place of oil or butter.

  • gansie September 19, 2007  

    that is the most perfect picture.

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