American City Diner


Sit down, order a black and white milkshake, and play a Blood, Sweat & Tears song at a table jukebox at the fun, ’50s-themed American City Diner. As it is in Heaven, breakfast is served all day, but also try the open-face hot turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes, the diner standby bacon cheeseburger, or any blue-plate special. The servers must come from Jersey, as their sass is undeniable and totally lovable. Watch out, though: owner Jeffrey Gildenhorn sometimes dons a train conductor hat as toy train circles around the tracks above diners’ heads. ACD can make for a great (sober) date night though, with free movies projected onto a large screen on the patio; the diner shows everything from Grease to Some Like It Hot to Fatal Attraction.
For: A Jersey diner experience in the nation’s capital.

Entrees: $3-$13. 202-244-1949. 5532 Connecticut Ave, NW

Originally in the Onion / DC local edition / July 12, 2007

Photo: Washington Post

Full Dis–I used to work there as a server in college

American City Diner of Washington in Washington

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  • Leah September 6, 2007 took you this long to post this classic!?!?! Soo many good mornings and nights here 🙂

  • Maureen September 6, 2007  

    You took us to this place!!! It’s def a piece of Jersey sitting on a DC corner.

  • 80 Proof September 6, 2007  

    Totally love the milkshakes, best in town.

    Can’t believe I have never seen a movie there. Ohh, I see the Godfather is coming up…

  • BS September 6, 2007  

    seriously…I would kill for one of those black and whites right now

  • Robyn September 6, 2007  

    Their lox scramble is to die for.

  • Lydia September 9, 2007  

    Free parking, awesome food and the famous B&W milkshake….who could ask for more?!?!

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