Margs Battle: Coup de Grace


Okay, so I didn’t really want my first post to be about Margaritas, but I feel I should share this recipe, and at the speed this blog is pumping out posts I better get it out there soon. I have to give credit to my Dad for this one, who has recently become the Margarita master, and he has to give credit to Vilis (click for the original recipe).

Mal on Vilis’ World’s Greatest Margarita

Makes one big ole blender full!
1 1/2 c decent tequila
1/2 c Grand Marnier
1/3 bottle of beer* (I think Corona is a great choice)
1 can frozen lemonade concentrate (I prefer limeade!)
juice of 1 lemon
juice of 1 lime
water/ice to fill blender
simple syrup to taste if desired

*Vilis claims “Beer is one of the few food groups that are less acidic and so the addition of beer to this margarita will make a mellow tasting, smooth drinking formula.” Although beer (pH 4.0-4.4) is less acidic than say all the lemon and lime juice (pH 2.0-2.8) you’re going to throw in here, it’s still relatively acidic and I can’t imagine it makes much of a dent in the relative pH of the pitcher; nonetheless, something about it does seem to really smooth out these tasty drinks.

These things are suave, but fuerte! Salud!

Editor’s Note: Join the Margarita Rumble
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  • BS July 11, 2007  

    woah! way to drop some science on us! I was gonna question the beer but nevermind! nice post.

  • BS July 11, 2007  

    but how does the beer addition affect the lethalness of hangovers?

  • rooms July 11, 2007  

    Actually, I’ve never had a hangover from these guys and I checked with my husband and he hasn’t either. It’s possibly just because the party atmosphere that these usually accompany means I’m eating plenty of delicious food to cushion the blow;)

  • 80 Proof July 11, 2007  

    I also would have a hard time downing too many frozen drinks without a brain freeze.

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