Top Chef All-Stars Exit Interview: Episode 2


Calm down, Joe Jonas isn’t the new host of Top Chef All-Stars. He was just the awkwardly placed judge for the Quickfire challenge. And who else would our chef’testants be cooking for this week when a Jonai is present? None other than a room full of thankless kids. Read on to see what this week’s surprising loser has to say.

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Top Chef Exit Interview: Episode 4


There were a lot of things to get mad about on this week’s Top Chef: team elimination, Padma’s and Tom’s babies not participating in the challenge and that oven labeling issue.

At least those were my gripes. Here’s what the axed chef’testants have to say.

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Top Chef Exit Interview: Episode 10


It’s kind of eerie how similar Top Chef episodes are becoming to my wildest fantasies. This season has been filled with some of the most interesting challenges, iconic guest chefs and talented contestants, but this week Bravo outdid themselves:

Natalie Portman making a guest appearance and Padma talking dirty. Tommy C, you are a lucky man my friend. Oh and I think there was some excellent, veggie-friendly food too.

Now for a SPOILER ALERT after the jump..

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Top Chef Exit Interview: Episode 8


Padma’s ridiculous hat wasn’t the only loser on this week’s Top Chef: Las Vegas. One chef-testant had to go, and we speak with them, after the jump.

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Top Chef Vegas: First Look at the Fauxhawks


Top Chef returns to Bravo August 26, when he sixth season takes up residence in Las Vegas, chosen for Padma’s excitement about showgirl costumes the rapidly developing local restaurant scene. Inexplicably, Toby Young will return for a second go as everyone’s least favorite judge, while the guest judges will range from the standards (Daniel Boulud) to the Vegas-y (Penn and Teller), the exciting (Nigella) and the even more exciting (Natalie Portman).

But more importantly, which chef-testant is most likely to skyrocket to instant culinary superstardom Spike Mendelsohn-level ubiquity? Here’s our snap judgment of this season’s chef-tenders, ranked by — what else — the audacity of their fauxhawks:

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