Is Educating Parents Too Much to Ask?


Pediatricians are calling for a redesign of the hot dog.

No, I’m not bullshitting you.

Apparently a hot dog is:

The perfect plug for a child’s airway.

Is it, really? A long tubular piece of meat? Are children swallowing these whole?

Now, I don’t have children. But this seems strange.

Oh wait a second. I think these pediatricians mean the small, round coins that parents CUT THE HOT DOGS INTO FOR CHILDREN are a choking hazard.

Here are some ideas for anyone that is concerned:

1) Cut the hot dog in half lengthwise

2) Educate your child on chewing food

3) Don’t feed your child a nitrate filled hot dog if they are too small to chew their own food.

4) Leave my hot dog alone. Seriously.

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