Worst. Beer Summit. Ever.


Editor’s Note: After a year and a half indulging my nonstop food rants, the veggie gf, Alex, has finally gotten angry enough about something that she felt compelled to put it in blog form. What could have inspired this kind of simmering emotion? Well there are really only two things she gets this excited about: Barack Messiah Obama, and beer. Fortunately, today’s story involves both.

Like much of the nation, I’ve been following the story of Henry Louis Gates’s arrest and Obama’s subsequent media gaffe (sort of) with a fair amount of interest. But, being a big beer drinker and aspiring aficionado, in my opinion the most exciting thing to happen in the whole kerfuffle was yesterday’s so-called “beer summit.”  I love beer and I love talking out our differences and I mostly love Obama (even if he’s currently shirking his promise to federally fund needle exchange – sorry, unrelated Obama beef), so I eagerly refreshed the New York Times website until they gave me the deets I was looking for.

And then my jaw dropped.

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