So What Can I Eat on a Date?

If you know me personally (or even via Twitter), you know I’ve been doing quite a share of dating recently. So when I stumbled across Thought Catalog’s 20 Foods To Avoid On A Date…I realized maybe I’m ordering the wrong shit.

Although I don’t always do first dates over dinner because I don’t like eating with people I’m not very familiar with…some guys just insist, and I mean come on. I’m a writer. I’m not about to turn down a free meal.

Here’s the start of their list (you can read the rest over at Thought Catalog):

  1. Corn on the cob
  2. Buffalo wings
  3. Spaghetti
  4. Candy apple
  5. Egg drop soup
  6. Crunchy tacos + over-application of salsas and various watery sauces
  7. The tail end of a spider roll
  8. Spare ribs
  9. Steamed/ boiled spinach as main course
  10. Nachos that use ‘cheese sauce’ instead of cheese

Fine, I’m probably not going to eat buffalo wings or corn on the cob on a date. Or a gas station hot dog. Because…if that’s what you’re eating on a date, that’s the least of your problems. But really. Egg drop soup? SPAGHETTI? CHEESE SAUCE? I LOVE CHEESE SAUCE. For the love of god, what am I supposed to eat on a date?

And for the record, I ate olives with pits discarded in a nearby dish on two recent dates (with the same man) who still seems interested. What I’m saying is…if my date likes olives, I’m going to take advantage of that shit.

But what do I know. I AM single. Am I single because I’m ordering the wrong foods? Does dating mean I have to give up my foodie-ness until I become comfortable enough with a person to eat a burrito?