Please Don’t Steel My Trout

cilantro on trout

Alright, it’s 11:00, I usually go to bed around 9:30, and I didn’t even have a nap today, but live blogging made me realize how much I miss ES, so here comes my first post in quite some time. Also, I have to get back into it so I can start bragging about my fabulous garden to more than just my neighbors. Continue reading for this flippin’ delicious, easy and great for warm weather dinner.

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Getting to the Root of It

potato/beet/carrot salad

Fresh coriander? yep!
You guys are lucky I got a pic of this one before it disappeared down my hubby’s gullet!

The inspiration for this delicious, vegetable root potato salad came from all the beautiful stuff popping up in our garden right now. As with everything, it’s best with fresh ingredients, but I’m sure this one would be great with store bought too!

    Salade a trois
    (carrots, beets and fresh coriander)

I pulled about 5-6 carrots and 3 beets right out of our garden and cut them into big bite size pieces. I also grabbed 3-4 decent size red potatoes and cut them the same. I put all three in together and boiled them until just tender.

While they were cooking I went back out to the garden and grabbed a handful of mint leaves, a few sprigs of lemon balm, a couple stems of variegated lemon thyme, a fistful of chives and a few stalks of my cilantro, which has gone to seed.

Gone to seed?!?!… click post-jump.

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Froached Eggs Sweep the Nation

Froached eggs with dill and an everything bagel side

A couple of years ago I learned how to properly poach eggs; by properly I mean in a pan of boiling water, not in one of those little plastic things you stick in the microwave (a cheat if I ever could spot one!) The keys are the swirl and the vinegar in the water, which repels the albumin protein of the egg white (I think, ask Alton Brown!), and thus keeps it together. I’ve since come up with a few recipes I really love with poached eggs, and my own way to cheat. FROACHED EGGS! It’s more of a time saver than a cheat, really.

Learn how after the jump.

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Margs Battle: Coup de Grace


Okay, so I didn’t really want my first post to be about Margaritas, but I feel I should share this recipe, and at the speed this blog is pumping out posts I better get it out there soon. I have to give credit to my Dad for this one, who has recently become the Margarita master, and he has to give credit to Vilis (click for the original recipe).

Mal on Vilis’ World’s Greatest Margarita

Makes one big ole blender full!
1 1/2 c decent tequila
1/2 c Grand Marnier
1/3 bottle of beer* (I think Corona is a great choice)
1 can frozen lemonade concentrate (I prefer limeade!)
juice of 1 lemon
juice of 1 lime
water/ice to fill blender
simple syrup to taste if desired

*Vilis claims “Beer is one of the few food groups that are less acidic and so the addition of beer to this margarita will make a mellow tasting, smooth drinking formula.” Although beer (pH 4.0-4.4) is less acidic than say all the lemon and lime juice (pH 2.0-2.8) you’re going to throw in here, it’s still relatively acidic and I can’t imagine it makes much of a dent in the relative pH of the pitcher; nonetheless, something about it does seem to really smooth out these tasty drinks.

These things are suave, but fuerte! Salud!

Editor’s Note: Join the Margarita Rumble
80 Proof’s Real Margaritas   **  The Real Deal Margarita

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