• Ellen D January 2, 2014  

    Is it from black beans?

  • Ashley January 2, 2014  

    Are you boiling your pasta in wine?

  • jeri January 2, 2014  

    Squid ink?

  • Janie January 3, 2014  

    Hmmmm…The pasta isn’t blue or black so I don’t think its squid ink but maybe (if the pic color is true) black beans. but it could be a red wine too..

  • Janie January 3, 2014  

    OR a purple cabbage…

  • BS January 3, 2014  

    All good (and delicious) guesses. I am definitely going to try cooking pasta in red wine now.

    But no…I first blanched some purple carrots in the water and, in search of a one-pot meal, decided to boil the pasta in the same water. I was shocked that the water turned such a deep purple just from the carrots. Orange carrots don’t do that!

  • Janie January 4, 2014  

    Oh wow! Never thought of that! Something new to try…

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