Zaatari, a Refugees Restaurant

Last year I told you about a friend living in South Sudan and her Pringles quandary. Well, now that same friend has moved onto Jordan and is working in Zaatari, the world’s second largest refugee camp. Kathryn continues to post some amazing images to her Instagram and Tumblr, and of course I pick up on her food-related posts.  Introducing the world’s most interesting restaurant, brought to you by Adu Muhammed.

A night in Zaatari refugee camp must include a meal at Abu Muhammed’s restaurant, arguably the most popular and successful in the camp. Abu Muhammed came to Jordan as a refugee and moved out of Zataari, only to move back a few months later because business was better inside the camp. He tailors his business to the needs of his people–meaning he keeps the shop open till 5am because new arrival refugees from Syria who typically arrive in the middle of the night need a place to eat. His place is often the scene of reunions of families and friends separated because of the war. I can attest to the fact that the rotisserie chicken is perfectly delicious. What a night.


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