Cocktail O’ Clock: Tropical Vietnamese Cocktail

Tropical Vietnamese Cocktail

Summer! It’s time to bust out the festive tropical flavors. Austin Vietnamese restaurant PhoNatic is taking this idea to a whole new level with their Vietnamese tropical fruit cocktail, using unique ingredients like lychee, longan, and jackfruit. While these might sound exotic and hard to find at first, they’re really not – just check out your local Asian market.

While this isn’t our traditional cocktail – it’s a fruit cocktail, not a booze cocktail – you could easily spike it with a couple shots of light rum to get the party started. ES recommends this, of course.

Vietnamese Tropical Fruit Cocktail

Courtesy of PhoNatic

1 can lychee in syrup
1 can longan in syrup
1 can shredded jackfruit in syrup
1 can toddy palm seeds (drained)
1 jar coconut gel
1 can green grass jelly (drained and diced in small cubes)
2 cups half and half
2 cups whole milk
1/2 cup coconut milk

In a large punch bowl add jackfruit, lychee, and longan with syrup. Drain the toddy palm, coconut gel, and green grass jelly and add to mixture.

Before serving, add 2 cups of half and half. Then add whole milk to desired level of sweetness along with coconut milk. Spoon over crushed ice in individual glasses.


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  • Betty Ann @Mango_Queen June 11, 2013  

    I love the lychees in this cocktail! And with coconut milk in it — this will be delish! Thanks for sharing this cocktail recipe!

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