Drunk Cooking: The Best Fall Cider

I call this “cooking” because a pot and a burner are involved, but this is really mixology.

Situation: I wasn”t sure what to do. One of my party guests had brought a kick-ass apple cider, and everyone wanted more long after it was gone. I stood in my kitchen while the guy I am dating encouraged me to step away from the stove and my female guests encouraged me to try to make more. I looked at the clock: 7:30pm. We”re all wasted. Do we need more alcohol? Obviously I am too drunk if I”m even asking myself that question. I looked in the fridge: apple cider. I looked at the liquor shelf: at least 8 bottles. Enough to work with.

I poured a gallon (or s0) of this apple cider into a big pot and set the flame to medium (I think).  Then went in about a cup or two of the only dark rum I had: Appleton Estate VX, leftover from my Jamaica trip. I just stared at the pot, that had to be fine, right? The man friend, realizing he had no say in if I continued cooking, somehow had the idea that we needed something else in this cider. He thrust a bottle of Fireball Whisky in my hands.

Fireball cinnamon whisky is suddenly all the rage (at least in my neighborhood in Philadelphia) and it seems most people think it”s a “new” product. But let me tell you how many times my parents drove our family to the so we could purchase Fireball by the case (not kidding) in the early 2000s. Turns out, it”s also the perfect addition to apple cider since it gives the cider a strong cinnamon flavor without being too sweet. Also, more alcohol.

The Best Easy Fall Cider

1 gallon apple cider
About 1.5 cups dark rum (I used Appleton Estate VX)
1 cup Fireball Whisky (I didn”t measure, I just poured in what was left in the bottle…soo)
Juice of half a lemon

Pour all ingredients in a pot over LOW (Medium/high if you”re watching it and are sober enough to pay attention) heat until it”s warm. Add juice from half a lemon, or whatever you have (I may have added/less or more, but this seems correct). Pour into sturdy cups or mugs, not solo cups. Turn off burner. Consume with a beer in your other hand. Happy Fall!

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  • mandie October 25, 2012  

    nice coozie!

  • Should have thrown in some mulling mix–would have further covered the alcohol while still giving it a good autumnal flavor. Maybe a splash or two of an apple liquer too!

  • ML October 25, 2012  

    The fireball really took care of all the spice it needed, that’s why it was perfect!,

  • Emily October 25, 2012  

    Do you know how much I LOVE Fireball? It was a huge thing in Washington around this time last year. It was at every social gathering from Halloween through Christmas, you just couldn’t escape it (not that I’d want to). Looks like Fireball season is back again… I’m making this cider asap.

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  • Peggy October 28, 2012  

    Love this! Haven’t had Fireball Whiskey in ages – this is definitely going on the Thanksgiving roster =)

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