Crispy French Toast Strawberry Shortcake

My car stereo has been on the fritz this week.  So, unless I listen to my iPod with one earphone in (for safety, people), I’m kind of forced to think on the way to and from work.  Let me just preface this by saying that I’m really weird.  But whatever.  I embrace it. Well, what I have been thinking about lately is tweeting.  More accurately, I have been thinking about tweets I would tweet if I tweeted.  I don’t have Twitter, nor do I have any desire to.  But, still, this is what is on my mind:

Does {the rapper} Pitbull have any actually albums of his own?  It seems like he is on everyone else’s songs.  Does he have time to do songs alone?  How does he sell records?


I raced home and put my swimsuit on the other day and I totally did not even get in the pool.  I felt really loser-y sitting around in a non-functional swimsuit.  It’s like putting on a prom dress and sitting on the couch.  What the heck?


What would happen if you combined cornflake encrusted angel food cake French toast with roasted strawberries and made a play on strawberry shortcake?  Um, my head might explode.


That last fake tweet was clearly onto something.

Crispy French Toast Strawberry Shortcake

Serves 1

Strawberries (about 1 cup), cut in half lengthwise
Scant 1 tsp olive oil
Pinch sea salt
2 slices of angel food cake
1 cup crushed cornflakes
1 egg
¼ cup milk
½ tsp vanilla
Sprinkle cinnamon
Sprinkle nutmeg
1 tbsp butter

Preheat the oven to 350.  Drizzle olive oil and pinch of sea salt over strawberry halves.  Roast for about 15-20 minutes.

Combine egg, milk, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg in one shallow dish.  Dip the cake slices in the mixture on both sides and let them sit there for about 5 minutes.  Then dip them on both sides into the crushed cornflakes.  Melt the butter in a skillet on medium heat.  Cook the cornflake dipped cake slices until golden on both sides.

Layer the cake and roasted strawberries, shortcake style.  Top with fresh whipped cream.  Drizzle with maple syrup (not much is needed) and enjoy!

“Hungry monster” is Renee from Attack of the Hungry Monster, a cooking and (occasional) crafting site. She’s a self-taught home chef who likes to put her own spin on classic recipes. Go visit her blog and say hi.

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