Boycotting the Bowl

stadium cake


Okay, whatever, so I guess there’s a football game this weekend. I usually hate the Super Bowl because I’m just so pisted off that my team isn’t in it. But this year, I’m extra furious. (Especially after watching a re-run of the 2005 EaglesPats Super Bowl on the NFL Network last night.)

I know that you all will be able to find tons and tons of recipes for the “big game,” mostly for fried food and dips, but you know ES. We’re trailblazers.

Check out the cake above. When the Skins lost in the playoffs (!) my friend Hickey entertained with the above stadium cake. Although her cake came from a mix, I’ve decided to still showcase it here. So if you’re bored with wings, chips and beer (not that any human could be) feel free to bring something sweet. You’re going to need something delicious to get you through this horror of a game.

Here are some non-cheating alternatives for stadium bundt cake.

Banana Dream Bundt Cake [Sassy Priscilla’s Craft and Life Journal]

Chocolate-Pumpkin Marble Cake [TeamSugar]

Sour Cream Mocha Cake [Mom’s Best Recipes]

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  • new hickey February 1, 2008  

    punt cake: the new dip. discuss…

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