Oh, That Bloody Orange

blood orange

From 80’s last photo, you can tell we recently took a cross-city trip to Eastern Market.

We always buy way too much stuff when we return to our old stomping grounds. Actually, I’ve never used that term before. It’s always old people talking about their college days. I hate “old stomping grounds.” But, I guess I’m old now. Fuck.

Anyway, we started our trip at, well, I was going to lie, but now I’m not. (Sorry, 80) We started our trip in a most embarrassing way. It’s the most “coupley” thing we’ve ever done: get our haircut together. Okay, so post hair-cut (picture me strutting down 8th Street with bouncy new hair) we stop by Alvear Studio. It’s a great place with funky furniture, jewelry, art and a host of other eclectic unnecessaries. And 80 and I never leave the place empty handed. Especially when it’s losing its lease (tear) and everything is up to 50% off. I’m sure 80 will somehow manage to put a pile of grapes on our new mirror and turn it into an artsy photo of the day.

Wow, very off topic. So, as we’re leaving E-market with bags full of cheese, fish, bacon… I realize I haven’t purchased any fruit. And beyond that, I haven’t eaten a piece of fruit in like two weeks. But mostly, I can’t be out-done by BS’ kumquats, so I decided I needed to try something new as well. I therefore buy my first blood orange.

The blood orange: The outside looks exactly like an orange, at least to me. The flesh though, is this absolutely gorgeous burgundy. It tastes like a cross between an orange and a grapefruit. And it’s delicious. I only bought one, so I just ate it half-time soccer style. I’ll leave it to BS to try it in salad or sauce or chutney.

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  • BS January 23, 2008  

    mmmm….blood – I want one…I would sub that in for kumquats in the relish…I’ve also heard/believe they make a killer margarita – poss combined with pomegranate?

  • gansie January 23, 2008  

    check out this insanity

  • Brian January 23, 2008  

    I never thought ES would stoop this low. you guys do know that “HEATH LEDGER IS DEAD,” right? let’s stay ON topic.

  • Liza January 23, 2008  

    Official Statement from ES Celeb Correspondent:

    ES was genuinely shaken by the tragic death of Heath Ledger yesterday. He was a talented actor, a beautiful man, and he will truly be missed.

  • Brian January 23, 2008  

    thank you. finally a semblance of couth from ES.

  • dad gansie January 24, 2008  

    b.orange are good, crazy haircut pic

  • Business F Casual January 25, 2008  

    Blood orange slices (and thin slices of granny smith apples) coupled with black sea salt and a little brie makes an nice alternative to cheese and crackers. Just sayin’.

  • BS January 26, 2008  

    woah…that is some fancy moves, BFC.

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