A Dark and Stormy Stout

storm king

Victory Brewing Co. – Downingtown, PA
Storm King – Imperial Stout
9.1% ABV

Victory’s Storm King Stout is an excellent beer. I’m not gonna do a full review, not today at
least, but here’s the tip on Victory’s Imperial Stout…

Appearance: Pitch Black with a healthy (1″) tan head.

Smells like: Chocolate and, seriously, salted ham. My family grew up on southern style salted “country” hams, and their smell is unmistakable – strong, meaty, with a fistful of salt and pepper. It was weird, but that aroma was definitely part of it.

Ok, anyway, the taste: was a let down at first, but as I let it warm the flavor really filled out. This is an Imperial (or double) stout, so I was expecting a real asskicking with this one. After 5 or 10 minutes warming on the coffee table, the full depth came out to play – coffee, chocolate, cream, caramel. You could age this thing for 2 years just for fun.

The texture: and viscosity were excellent. Thick enough to justify its classification as an imperial stout, but without a syrupy texture.

Especially drinkable: for a 9.1% ABV. And, especially quaffable when very cold. Although I’d prefer to drink it closer to room temperature for the added depth in flavor.

All-in-all: an excellent stout. But lacking in the Imperial Stout category. It beats the holy hell out of Yuengling Stout, but it doesn’t quite match up to Russian River’s Old Rasputin Imperial Stout.

Umm, ok, I guess I did do a full review, huh?

Photo: Austin Liquors

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