Kool-aid Pickles? Oh Yeah!

Kool-aid man

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done with a pickle?

According to this NYT article, if you’re under the age of ten and live South of the Mason-Dixon line, you’ve probably eaten a kool-aid one. (True or false, Dixie correspondents?)

As the co-inventor of the Pickletini, I’m in no position to look down my nose at what anyone else chooses to do with the great green gourd, but this sounds a little far out. I would definitely give it a try though. It also got me thinking – how else could you mix up the old pickle brine? Jalapeno pickles? Lemon? Wasabi? Hmm…we might have to put a brining contest on our to-do list.

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  • Anna Hall June 25, 2007  

    I am a big fan of all things pickle, and have been known to make them into an entire meal. Besides the few years I lived in Pittsburgh (there’s a deli that has all you can eat koshers) I have lived below the mason dixon line where I have NEVER heard of a kool-aid pickle. I will keep my ears out, but I too am suspect.

  • David Millar June 28, 2008  

    Would you believe we have created Jalapeño Pickle Pops!

  • Megan June 30, 2008  

    If you’re a big fan of all things pickle…like I am…have you ever wondered how they determine the coveted “snap” that a truly fresh pickle makes? If so, check out this quirky video showing a pickle snap test…

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