Night of the Living Dread

Question: What do vegetarian zombies eat? Answer: “GRAAAAINS”

I was chomping through my second pound of bacon last Sunday while tossing around some ideas for a horror screenplay that I am writing, and I thought to myself, ‘How sad would it be if after you turned into a zombie you were destined to roam the world consuming only plant-based foods?’ Now THAT would be something that I would dread! Can you imagine? Laying there late at night in your boarded-up home, listening to the zombies munching on your garden and fruit trees? Huge groups of them wiping out fields of young corn and alfalfa, slowly chewing through farm stands like mindless, two-legged cows. And the remaining unaffected humans arming themselves and making a desperate last stand in front of their wheat fields. “Come on you grain eating devils!” a farmer screams as he drives his tractor into a crowd of attacking vega-zombies. “You’ll never take my plants alive!!”

What? Treating vegetarians as spooky, hollow-eyed creatures that repulse and shock us with their unstoppable lust for organic, fresh plants and vegetables? Don’t we do that already? I could film a version of this movie every day if I wanted. I would just sit in the local Whole Foods parking lot around noon and yell, “Action!”


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Endless Halloween: Zombie Head Brownie Bites

Eeek!!  The zombies have invaded!!

Ok, don’t panic.  You probably would already know if they actually invaded and the zombie apocalypse was upon us.  What they have invaded is my thought process as of late.

Any fans of The Walking Dead in the house?  I love love love it.  So, since the premiere is on October 14th, I thought I’d celebrate with some zombie treats.  Plus, with Halloween right around the corner, you should probably get crackin’ on making some zombie-themed desserts.

If you know anything about zombies (which I didn’t prior to TWD, which I take as the most factual representation..whatever), you know that to kill them, you have to destroy their brains.  For that you will need weapons.  If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw that due to lack of tiny weapons in the stores I just had to make my own (more on that in a minute).

These are like cake pops…except, not on a pop..and they are brownies.  So, they are zombie head brownie bites.  Let’s do this thing.

Zombie Head Brownie Bites

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