Sick of Asparagus Already?

Not everyone is a slave to the season. My dad, for example, buys his vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers from Produce Junction. They source from all over the world and you can buy pretty much anything all year round, and for super cheap.  Living in the Garden State, he also grows plenty of his own produce. But before things pop up, it’s Produce Junction time.

We finished the asparagus I brought home for Mother’s Day dinner and for Monday’s dinner were left with Produce Junction goods and other items I found in my dad’s surprisingly well-stocked, but not seasonal pantry and fridge. So for those tired of hearing about farmers’ markets and asparagus, here you go.

Roasted Broccoli with Chickpea and Wheat Berry Salad

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Always Do a Lap Before You Commit

Hallelujah! My neighborhood far mar, Mount Pleasant Farmers’ Market, is opening this Saturday. I’m working there the first day and cannot wait to be surrounded by spring’s fresh vegetables. But I just couldn’t wait and headed to FRESHFARM’s Dupont far mar this past Sunday. A little sneak peak, if you will.

I listen to Cher and always do a lap before I commit (see last quote), checking options, quality, prices and variety around the far mar. I selected the spring staple asparagus, as well as spinach. And then I made my one out-there purchase: peppercress. I’d never heard of it before. My rule at market is if I haven’t heard of it I’m allowed to buy it and will try not to buy something else that I’ve already discovered.

I tasted the mirco-green and holy crap, it’s like eating horseradish. It has that fantastic harsh heat, sort of like a radish as well. I was stoked but wasn’t at all sure how I’d like to use it. And then I went with my standby: whiz it into a sauce.

Recipe, with mysterious berry, after the jump.

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