The Meatiest Benedict Ever

Spokane is the second largest city in the state of Washington, yet feels worlds away from Seattle. It is much smaller and less cosmopolitan (and I mean that in the nicest way possible). While Spokane might not be teeming with trendy sushi restaurants and farm-to-table concepts, they do have some memorable food finds. For instance, let’s talk about Frank’s Diner. Located in an old traincar and founded in 1931, Frank’s has been churning out huge breakfasts for much longer than I’ve been eating my way through God’s green earth. I expected large portions and a down-home atmosphere, but what I did not expect was this:

MEATLOAF eggs benedict. Country biscuit topped with sage meatloaf, a large poached egg, and tons of rich brown gravy. Please note that this is a half order. I figured the full-size dish would kill me. Not only was this crazy enough that I had to order the dish, it was also delicious. The meatloaf was moist (ugh, I hate that word), fragrant and flavorful, very herby, and not greasy. As for the biscuit, it was the perfect combination of sturdy — it could hold its own against the heavy egg and abundance of gravy — but at the same time, light and crumbly.

The problem with many eggs benedicts, and poached eggs in general, is that restaurants overpoach their eggs! There is no worse travesty than hopefully cutting into a yolk, anticipation rising, only to find that it has been carelessly cooked through. Womp womp. So how did Frank’s fare?

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Wine Heaven in Eastern Washington

When most people think of Washington state, they immediately think of Seattle. So if I asked you to describe the climate and terrain of Washington, you’d probably answer something along the lines of “rainy, grey, misty,” etc… And you’d be right — if we’re talking about western Washington. IF, however, you head east and cross over the Cascade mountain range, something magical happens. The other side of the state is drenched in sunshine! And we all know what sunshine means… wine! (Okay, sunshine means a lot of things, but to my one-track mind, it means a great climate for vineyards.)

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a Northwest wines tour, and our first stop was Paterson, a tiny town located on the banks of the Columbia River in southeast Washington. Why Paterson? It’s home to Columbia Crest Estates Vineyard, one of the Northwest’s largest wineries and possibly one of the most well-known wineries in the nation.

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What Does a $200 Meal Look Like?

A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to attend a dinner at the Herbfarm with my similarly food-obsessed friend, Shawna. The Herbfarm is not just any restaurant. It is one of the most lauded dining experiences in Washington state, if not the country.

Each evening is a set nine-course menu that adheres to a seasonal theme. Our night was “A Spring Forager’s Dinner,” featuring, unsurprisingly, a bounty of foraged Northwest ingredients. I honestly do not know how to use written words to adequately emphasize the amazing freshness of each course, or the intense satisfaction at the end of our meal. Actually, I think in this case it is more effective to show rather than tell.

These are all pictures taken in semi-stealth, meaning no flash or rearranging of plates/glasses at our communal table. I didn’t want to be the asshole with the repeatedly disruptive camera in this elegant atmosphere, blinding all the sophisticated diners who threw down hundreds of dollars for this meal. But I had to have something to show you!


1. From the Edge of the Sea

Kombu-Cured Albacore Tuna on Seaweed Crackers with Oregon Wasabi Root
Pickled Bull Kelp Stalk with Puget Sound Geoduck on Nori Seaweed Sauce
Local Spot Prawn Soup with Smoked Quinault River Steelhead Roe & Chives


2. Hen ‘n’ Nettle

Pan-Roasted Eastern Washington Spring Chicken & Its Crispy Confit
With Poached Hanna Hama Oysters, Radish, Stinging Nettle Sauce, and Lovage Oil


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Peanut Butter Bacon Hot Dogs. Seriously.

This past weekend I journeyed to Tacoma, Washington to visit my dad. I”m pretty unfamiliar with that area of our state, so I assigned him with the task of picking a cool place to meet. My dad is a man with excellent taste, so I knew he would not disappoint. And boy was I correct!

We ended up at the Red Hot, an unassuming little joint that specializes in creative hot dogs. The menu revealed that the Red Hot has been featured in a variety of local media and even appeared on Food Network”s Chef vs City. All this is well and good, but let”s get to the real The driver ed games will also help students find financing through the U. question on everyone”s minds: does the Red Hot offer a hot dog slathered in peanut butter?


Upon spying this option, called the Hosmer Hound Dog, I remarked that it probably was delicious but I felt too guilty ordering it. Little did I know that fate had other plans. A super friendly local, who was sitting next to us at the bar, had overheard our conversation and asked the waitress to bring us two of the Hosmers, his treat.

I”ve always depended on the kindness of strangers.

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