Favorite Fall Tomato Soup

Favorite Fall Spiced Tomato-Pumpkin Soup

Favorite Fall Tomato Soup

I made this last week when I was (a) trying to eat extremely healthy to make up for some weekend indulgences and (b) really craving a big bowl of something hot, cozy, and autumn-y. Soup was the obvious answer. I love tomato soup and wanted to make a homemade version of that, but also noticed I had some pumpkin puree leftover in the fridge and didn’t want it to go to waste. Guess what? Pumpkin and tomato are great together. You don’t really taste the pumpkin-ness with all the other flavors going on, at least not overwhelmingly so, but it adds a nice thickness and fall flavor.

Favorite Fall Spiced Tomato-Pumpkin Soup

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Ultimate Hangover Sandwich in Seattle

Food Porn of the Day: Ultimate Hangover Sandwich

Ultimate Hangover Breakfast Sandwich Seattle

On a recent visit back to my hometown of Seattle, my friends and I were in a dire hangover situation. We needed greasy goodness but after a night of questionable “dining” choices (midnight quesadillas and – dare I admit it? Domino’s pizza) we also wanted something that was actually well-made and worth our time. No ordinary diner breakfast would do.

Luckily pub/restaurant Lot No. 3 had us covered. This is their grilled cheese (made with Beecher’s – some of the best cheese ever, also Seattle-based) with three important additions: a runny fried egg, caramelized onions, and BACON. But not just any bacon. House candied bacon. Be still my heart (literally, I think I had a mini heart attack while devouring this, but it was worth it). Plus, it doesn’t come with some bullshit salad on the side or whatever. It comes with a miniature bowl of tomato soup. TOMATO SOUP! What else could you possibly need when you’re hungo and hangry?!

Harsh and Sweet: Double Garlic Cheesy Bread

Sometimes I forget the power of simple ingredients. I get wrapped up in hybrid varieties of greens or purple cauliflower or six blends of curry and don’t concentrate on highlighting one single flavor. Enter garlic.

In all my years of manipulating food, I’ve never roasted garlic. I like that raw, biting garlic flavor instead of the mellow, sweet roasted nature. But while roasting tomatoes for soup, I threw a head of garlic into the oven.

Bennett likes how garlic softens after a long time in high heat and bonus points – it’s easily spreadable.

I cut off just a nip of the top, exposing the garlic while leaving the cloves in its house. I already tore off the papery outer skin. Before wrapping the entire head in aluminum, I slathered oil on the garlic’s cut side. It sat in a 400° oven for about 35-40 minutes.

After resting for a few minutes, I squeezed 5 cloves into a bowl and mashed them with goat cheese, olive oil, salt and pepper. Once everything all creamed together, I stirred in chopped parsley.

Now this tasted fine on its own. But because I need more of that harsh garlicness, I used the bits I cut off and rubbed them on toasted rosemary bread, which is a pretty cool technique because the garlic just melts into the bread.

I then quickly spread the goat cheese mixture on the bread and served with tomato soup.