Torchy's Tacos

Food Porn of the Day: Taco Time


Tacos: what CAN”T they do? These are two of the most delicious varieties from the beloved Texas taco purveyor Torchy”s. The Brush Fire, on the right, is especially Vi har listet mange pokerrum og andre hjemmesider for poker, spillemaskiner online og betting, og de skifter deres kampagner, regler og regulativer. exciting: Jamaican jerk chicken, grilled jalapeños, mango, sour cream, cilantro, and a mysterious condiment known as “diablo sauce.” It”s sweet, spicy, citrus-y, and amazing.

Breakfast Flautas

Flautas for Breakfast?! YES.

Breakfast Flautas

I just wanted everyone to know that this is a thing that exists in our world. It’s a dish called, obviously, Breakfast Flautas. Big flour tortillas stuffed with scrambled eggs and cheese, rolled up and deep-fried, served with a massive pile of thick, cool whipped cream and spicy salsa for dippin’. Oh, and a slab of greasy spoon hashbrowns on the side. Ultimate hangover killer. Thanks for saving my life on so many post-party mornings, Linda’s Tavern. You’re a Seattle institution and no trip back to my hometown would be complete without you and your hefty pitchers of mimosas.

(And yeah, I know these aren’t the best quality photos, but they were snapped mid-hangover/re-tox binge in a dark hipster bar, what do you expect?)

Breakfast Flautas 2


Welcome to Austin: Thai Breakfast Tacos

As I’ve mentioned many times, I am from Seattle. Exciting news, though — I got offered a restaurant media job in Austin last month! So guess who’s a Texan now?! Yee haw! This means one thing for Endless Simmer: Tons of AMAZING Texas/Southern food coverage! You’re welcome. I do it for you.

It’s no big secret that Texas is full of great Mexican food. I mean, hello, we’ve all heard of Tex-Mex! There is one delicacy special to Austin, though, that I find especially appealing: the breakfast taco.

Sure, you can find Mexican-inspired breakfast entrees everywhere. Huevos rancheros and fast-food breakfast burritos are not exactly culinary revelations. But there is just something about the Austin breakfast taco! Ask anybody in this city. The concept is simple: head to your local taco stand in the morning (Austin is teeming with them, and they’re all delicious), but instead of your average choices of fillings, you can choose from eggs! Potatoes! Cheese! But don’t worry; the usual suspects (chorizo, avocado, refried beans, etc…) are also available.

Today is my first work morning and naturally I needed to find the perfect “welcome to your new food life” breakfast. Luckily my offices are very close to a little coffee shop called Thrice, which is connected to a Thai cafe/market/culinary school. This means not only does Thrice offer Austin breakfast tacos, but they are Thai-fusion breakfast tacos! WHAT. Just to reiterate, that is a combination of Mexican and Thai. My two favorite ethnic cuisines.

A fluffy, slightly spicy Thai omelette mixed with tomatoes and grilled onions, perched atop a fresh flour tortilla and served up with a smoky-sweet Thai chili hot sauce. I think I’m gonna like it here.

Everything’s Bigger in Texas (Including the Tacos)

Texas. Land of Shiner Bock, queso, beef, dry rub BBQ, and Mexican (okay, Tex-Mex) food. Truly one of my favorite places to chow down. I visited Austin and San Antonio at the end of September, partially to join the 10th Anniversary celebration of Austin City Limits, but let’s be honest, also partially to eat everything I set my eyes on.

I’ll go ahead and admit it, authentic Mexican is great but my heart truly belongs to Tex-Mex, something of which my hometown of Seattle has very little. I knew I had to take advantage of Texas while I could, so one day we headed to the Hildebrand area of San Antonio to a little…establishment…well.. fast food-ish shack imaginatively called Taco Taco.

Quite the luxurious digs, eh? No matter, everyone knows that some of the best food comes from some of the most unassuming exteriors. I took it as a good sign. Speaking of signs, inside Taco Taco there are multiple signs and banners proclaiming that they were named “Best Tacos in America” by Bon Appetit (a bit of internet research informs me this honor was bestowed in 2007). It has also garnered a fair amount of recognition from various Texas publications over the years, so I had to see if it could live up to the hype. Plus I just have a very tacky propensity for needing to try anything proclaimed the biggest, best, most famous, etc…. So I knew I had to go for it and order the taco that made Taco Taco famous: the El Taco Norteño.

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