Plate It or Hate It

Recent food world discoveries the ES crew is loving and hating…

Plate It: Saffron Chai

We’re already fans of chai lattes, but adding a hint of rich, flavorful saffron makes this taste like drinking a cup of gold. Available from Jaipur Avenue.

Hate It: Bacon Soda

We’re told you many times that bacon will never die, but it’s time for fake bacon flavor to take a hike. We loved this idea when we heard about it last year, but now that it has hit the market it turns out we actually like our soda to taste like corn syrup, not pork syrup.

Plate It: Whipped Cream Vodka


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A Celebration of Iced Tea… and Booze

This is a very special day. For starters, yes, it’s Friday, but not just any Friday. It is, apparently, National Iced Tea Day! Duh. On this holiest of days, everyone must appreciate the refreshing luxury iced tea brings to our lives. I know I certainly do.

Of course, there is one glaringly obvious inherent flaw in iced tea: no booze! What is the point of even drinking any liquid if it’s not going to get you buzzed, you know? Never fear. Many geniuses out there agree with my “iced tea needs more alcohol in it” conclusion. These days we have a cornucopia of boozy sweet teas to choose from: Firefly, Jeremiah Weed, Sweet Carolina, etc…

This is a somewhat controversial beverage; I have personally encountered haters who proclaim it “too sweet” or even “disgusting” …but you know what I say?  The same thing I say any time someone turns down delicious alcohol: great, more for me!

Now, let’s state the obvious: classic iced tea makes a great mixer. Just ask Arnold Palmer, the great man who discovered the glory of combining lemonade and iced tea, so brilliant that his name will now forever be associated with beverages instead of just golf. Tragically, this drink possesses the same drawback as traditional iced tea: non-alcoholic. However, let’s do the math. Iced tea (good mixer) + Lemonade (good mixer) = Good mix of good mixers = one GREAT mixer = Arnold Palmers are alcohol’s best friend! In-depth historical research informs me that we can call an alcoholic AP either a John Daly or a Happy Gilmore (…no) or a “Donovan.” What? Has anyone ever ordered a Donovan without feeling like a douchebag?

Anyway, the problem with alcoholic Arnie Palmies, Donovans, whatever you want to call this heavenly nectar: during the summer I want to drink them all the time. But the man wants to keep me down. Unlike mild-mannered sober iced tea, which is accepted everywhere, society frowns upon constant public consumption of iced tea cocktails. I say enough is enough! On this momentous holiday, I shall share my secret recipe for limitless summertime boozin’ fun. Mix up one of these bad boys after work today, and raise a glass to the weekend.

Public Palmer Cocktail

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Royal Endorsed Products You Should Own

We continue our extensive coverage of the Royal Wedding by bringing you an assortment of Royal Family sponsored food and drink products. What is a Royal Warrant you ask? From the horse drawn carriage itself, they are:

… a mark of recognition to individuals or companies who have supplied goods or services for at least five years to HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh or HRH The Prince of Wales.

So those obscure looking crests on that packet of tea you have in your cupboard — it means you drink the same crap as The Queen,  her husband whose name I forget, or Prince Charles. For some reason the rest of the Royal clan aren’t worthy of sponsoring products — either that or we just don’t care. And in case you were wondering, The Queen Mother (may she rest in peace) also had her own endorsement deals — she was partial to a bottle glass of Bombay Sapphire from time to time. So if you plan to eat and drink like a Queen during this royal season, don’t forget the…

Colman’s Mustard

A staple in any fine kitchen, Coleman’s mustard was endorsed by The Queen in 1964.

Tanqueray Gin

Not long after her coronation The Queen was quick to appoint her favorite tipple. Tanqueray Gordon & Co Ltd. was given the Royal honor way back in 1955.


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Trendwatching: Tea Party Edition


Whatever happened to coffee?

Has anyone else noticed you can barely check into the food world nowadays without bumping into someone going on and on about tea? I’ve been in a number of restaurants lately where the after-dinner menus featured “specialty teas” alongside the espresso and brandy. Bon Appetit is telling us to infuse our food with tea. There are tons of blogs about tea, blogs just about green tea — hell there are even blogs about tea cosies.

Over at Oyster Locals, I checked out three new NYC tea houses to see what all the fuss is about. They all featured some far-out flavors, and I certainly finished my teas, but I have to admit I have yet to find one tea that totally knocked my socks off.

So I’m wondering — do all you foodies out there get as excited about tea as you do about say, coffee and cocktails? I mean, I’ll drink a cuppa, but I’m still not totally sold that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bacon.


(Photo: Rumproast via Look at This Fucking Teabagger)

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