Sweet Potato, Butterscotch, Bacon and Goat Cheese Quesadilla

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Renee from Attack of the Hungry Monster to the ES family. Renee is a self-taught home chef who loves coming up with new recipes — and she dreamed up the dish listed above and pictured below, so…yeah, she’s an ES-er.

I am so excited about being here I can hardly contain myself!  Endless Simmer is one of my favorite blogs.  I mean, come on, chocolate peanut butter bacon strips?  There’s no turning back now, people.

But let’s talk about my latest food fixation. The humble sweet potato.

Oh, it doesn’t look like much, but any fitness blog or magazine will tell you it is a nutritional powerhouse (which is like the coolest word ever invented). Nutrition aside, this baby is tasty.  It’s sweet and savory at the same time and that is my jam.

I’m also eating a lot of butterscotch chips these days. How good are those? So that led me to the obvious idea of combining the goodness of salty bacon with the richness of goat cheese, plus the sweetness of butterscotch and sweet potatoes (I’m kind of into weird food combinations…can  you tell?).

The butterscotch brings out the sugary side of the spuds, and the bacon and goat cheese play up the savory notes (think sweet potato pie with bacon and goat cheese). Basically, this quesadilla will blow your mind and tickle all corners of your taste buds.  Wait, do taste buds have corners?  I’m pretty sure they are round, so maybe not.  Metaphorical corners, then.

Sweet Potato, Butterscotch, Bacon & Goat Cheese Quesadilla

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Snuggle Up: Endless Simmer’s Fall and Winter Recipe Guide

I know what you’re about to say. And yes, summer is truly over. But wipe away that tear. You’re in store for warming winter soups and crispy broccoli florets. Huddle ’round the radiator, with your laptop (or electronic device of choice) and check out our recipes to keep you satisfied until that first asparagus breaks through the ground.

For this first day of autumn, you’ll find below some highlights from our archives, plus the link to the entire collection, which we’ll be sure to update as we try out new far mar finds and desserts that don’t count because it’s sweater season.

Endless Simmer’s Fall and Winter Recipe Guide

Apples and Chickpeas with Apple Cider
Just how you (may?) like it: sweet and vegan.

Apple Chutney Tarts
“As good as McDonald’s apple pies,” says husband.

Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower with Orzo and Arugula, Cream Cheese, Lemon Sauce
Surprise: Brussels can be awesome when boiled.

Carrot Fries
Serve with blueberry ketchup.

Curry Cauliflower and Coconut Milk Soup
Black beans with coconut milk? Yup.

Click through for more cold weather stand outs. And if you wanna take a look at all of Endless Simmer’s cooking experiments – try our Recipe Index.

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100 Ways to Cook a Sweet Potato

Potato….. Potaahto….. Who cares? Just make sure it’s sweet. The health benefits of this tuber are well documented and it has become somewhat of a hip veggie recently. Unfortunately, many of us prepare it the same way time after time. Not anymore. From sweet potato mac ‘n’ cheese to sweet potato whoopie pie, here are our 100 favorite sweet potato recipes.

Click on any of the pictures to find the recipes

Sweet Potato Frittata Beni Imo Doryaki gnocchi Sweet potato Pierogie
Chicken w/Sweet Potato and Fruit Compote Sweet Potato Goooey Bars Sweet Potato and Gouda Soup sweet-potato
swpizza-300x269 Sweet Potato Pancake Lamb and Sweet Potato Pot Pie Spicy Sweet Potato Soup
Sweet Potato Enchiladas Sweet Potato Hummus Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burrito Candied Sweet Potato Crepes
Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese sweet-potato-dog Cream of Sweet Potato Soup Sweet Potato Prune Bake
Sweet Potato Quinoa Cakes Sweet Potato and Mushroom Ravioli Spicy Sweet Potato Fritters sweet-potato-and-bulgar-wheat-1-500-x-332
Sweet Potato Bundt Sweet Potato Whoopie Pie Sweet Potato and Pancetta Ravioli mla102889_1007_pot_chips_l
Sweet potato, Papaya and Lime salad Southwest Sweet Potato Skins Sweet Potato Cake w/Orange Cream Cheese Frosting Sweet Potato and Gruyere Turnover
Parsnip-Ricotta-Spread-1-edited-500-x-332 Sweet Potato and Goat Cheese Ravioli Sweet Potato and Swiss Chard Gratin Coconut, Sweet Potato and Brussels hash
Sweet Potato Paratha P1 P2 P3
P12 Sweet Potato Peanut Soup Fruity Sweet Potato Salad sweet-potato-and-bulgar-wheat-1-500-x-332
sweet-potato-thai-soup-1-600-x-361 P15 p16 Barley Sweet Potato Salad
P19 African Sweet Potato Stew Sweet Potato Cocktail Sweet Potato Mini Tart
dsc_6513-2 P24 New Mexican Latke w/ Lime Cream Jamaican Sweet Potato Stew
P28 P29 Sweet Potato Bread Sweet Potato Sushi
pan-asian-chicken-1-600-x-398 4287776415_1858e1617a Sweet-Potato-Pie-18r-title-1024x667 Sweet Potato Bundt
P35 P37 Sweet Potato Biscuits Sweet Potato-Gulab Jamun
P39 P51 sp-hash-02-s Sweet Potato Coconut Pudding
Sweet Potato and White Chocolate Cake Chicken, Coconut and Sweet Potato Curry Sweet Potato Tamales Sweet Potato Oat Bar
Sweet Potato Flan IMG_5721 Sweet Potato Doughnuts Sweet Potato Pecan Pie
Sweet Potato Bleu Cheese Tart Scalloped Sweet Potato Inside Out Sweet Potato Casserole Sweet Potato Quesadilla
Cranberry Glazed Sweet Potato Sweet Potato Stuffed Apples Sweet Potato and Edamame w/Fall Spices IMG_2494
Sweet Potato Souffle Sweet Potato Fries Sweet Potato Chips Smoky Sweet Potato and Lamb Biryani
Sweet Potato Irish Candy Sweet Potato Sorbet Sweet Potato Smoothie Buffalo Sweet Potato Pizza
Pancetta Sweet Potato Waffles Stuffed Sweet Potato Sweet Potato Stuffing Sweet Potato Oatmeal

More? Drop your favorite sweet potato recipes in the comments and we may just add them!

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God Damn I Need that Karma

Parsnip Ricotta Spread 1 -- edited (500 x 332)

I was wearing a light gray cardigan that reached to mid-thigh. It had two pockets, like most cardigans. These pockets were shallow. I placed my iPhone in one of the pockets. It fell out of my pocket and into the toilet.

I was at the farmers market on Sunday, about to buy an Herbs de Provence cheese for my brother’s birthday (Herbs de Provence is our inside joke), and when I looked in my wallet I realized that my debit card was missing.

I was in one of those beer, wine corner grocery stores and was paying for whole wheat pocketless pitas.
Clerk: That’s $3.99
Me: <Handed the clerk a $5 bill>
Clerk: <Handed me $2.01>
Me:<Hmm, I know I’m not quick at subtracting, but why am I getting 2 dollars back? Did I miss hear him. I’ll just put it in my wallet. Wait, you know what, this isn’t right.>
What’d you say the price was?
Clerk: OH! How much did I give you back? It’s $3.99.
: <Gave him a dollar back, smiled and left.>

God Damn I Need that Karma. Fuck. I fucking drowned my very best friend and then I lost my only source of money. I didn’t need that dollar. I need some fucking luck.

And before I get to parsnips (again), if anyone knows how to resurrect a water damaged iPhone or figure out how not to pay $450 for a new one – please let me know! gansie@endlessssimmer.com

Let’s get back to that whole wheat pocketless pita.

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