Top Chef All-Stars Exit Interview: Episode 5


Can you believe Top Chef reached 100 episodes? In celebration of this milestone we were treated to Tom Colicchio showcasing his speed in the kitchen. Of course we didn’t get to see much of Tom actually cook; it took him a mere 8 minutes and 37 seconds to prepare a sea bass dish. The chef’testants dutifully showed their reverence to Chef Colicchio and looked on in envy.

Keep reading to see what chef’testant got kicked off and which chef’testant packed their knives to go, but ended up getting saved for another day.

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If Women Ruled the Kitchen


I don’t know why Eve was blamed for the sins of the world. I don’t know why Mary couldn’t fuck to create her own son. And I don’t know why the Japanese wouldn’t allow women to brew sake.

I do know, however, that when a woman is granted permission to make sake it can taste light and sweet and refreshing.

Thank you Zentan, for inviting me to dinner and showing off the Ichishima Family (circa 1790) sake, Karen “Coy.”

photo credit: Niigata Sake Selections